Movement As A First Step To Finding Your Identity

Movement As A First Step To Finding Your Identity

If I try to pinpoint the easiest, most natural way in which a person can get to their SELF and define their true, inborn identity, I feel I must resort to ontological thinking. Whenever I am looking to devise a process, I go back to the first stages in the evolution of any human being, I ask a question, and then try to find an answer.

Therefore, what does a foetus do to get to its SELF? Nothing, you might say. Well, I am not happy with this answer, so I think harder, there has to be something. Images, I think, even though these might mean total darkness, or impressions, as it is said that a foetus can hear, feel, and sense whatever goes on in its confined space, and also beyond, even in the outer world. But, again, how can images and impressions be conceived, be it even in a brain which is not fully developed, when the foetus still does not have a name for them. Let us accept the idea that, if a foetus can hear, the incipient stage of the process of language learning can be traced back in its mother’s womb. Even so, I hardly believe images and impressions come first on the way of discovering one’s SELF. Therefore there cannot be visualization, I contend. I am a strong believer in the power of words, and also in the impact a baby’s given name has on its subsequent evolution, as it sets a kind of pattern, on the one hand, and may stem from some sort of metaphysical intuition of those who give the baby a name, on the other hand. Yet, I feel we have to follow a simple ontological path first in order to eventually get to higher metaphysical stuff.

What is left? Movement, I say. Anyone begins struggling for identity through movement. That explains why movement, I think, is the earliest form of art. And that explains why the way you move has a first powerful impact on the others. Before they take a closer look at your face, before you utter a word, before they get to know how you think, and what kind of a person you are, they will judge you by the way you move.

It also stands true for yourself. You can connect to your SELF through the movement of your body. The process I apply is in the next post.

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