Next Woman wants to stay young and magnetize

Next Woman wants to stay young and magnetize

A woman’s traditional role is to weave peace and wait around the hearth. Men are history’s travelers, gone to hunt and provide but also explore the whereabouts. But to englobe dissimilar attributes, Next Woman has arisen.

Since the dawn of the 19th century, we’ve been witnessing a shift that is constantly growing. Women, the abiding humans, have turned hunters, providers, explorers, and acclaimed artists.

Why Woman

Static and aesthetic as such, women have glided through history deep-rooted but mum-mouthed. Under their veil of silence, maidens or wives, housemaids, queens have explored inner worlds leading to ancestral roots. They dared not speak up, act out, venture on the playground.

We may still live in a men’s world, where patriarchs play the game’s masters, yet their feminine counterparts are so eager and active life players that many times they take over the game and win.

To succeed, though, the weaker sex struggle double. While walking in masculine boots, pumping up muscles, and raising their voice, women can’t afford to dump grace. Remember, femininity makes the masters’ wheels roll and the planet spin.

With no static treasure to find and explore, whip lashes will fall lame on stallions’ withers, chariot wheels decelerate, and human activity stall. No quest, no zest.

Besides, anchored seldom means stable, and even what’s fixed is no endpoint, if not a wormhole to a divergent luring orb. Woman offers the prospect of exploration, so the more women the more hectic the race. Male explorers get crazy.

Men paint. They paint women with alluring, black-hole eyes. Men write. About quests and clashes and fights. Male composers write music, getting awards for love songs and touching lyrics.

Sinewy hunters create by squeezing women for art.

Muse and creator

Art is not feminine. Just masculinity harnessed to get to life’s core. So, to make art, women themselves must take to the road of questing.

Your deep self is fantastic, but, Next Woman, expose the treasures within! Not only will you conquer the world, but become better inspiration for men. Don’t shy away from puzzling them. Be generous, let them art you to power.

Be both muse and creator.

Why Next

Next means quest.

Start by exploring your inner assets, and the opulent finds will shine on your cheeks and amaze your guts. Amazement rejuvenates and sets your abilities into motion.

For example, channel your love for humanity toward teaching and counseling. Should you discover a keen eye for colors, shadows and lights, turn painter. If your imagination juggles volumes in space, take up design. Personages roam and speak in your mind? Well, write the scenes down, infuse life into fictional beings, and they’ll thrive and progress.

Self-worth armors you with enough confidence to acknowledge to weaknesses and enhance strengths. By doing constant repair work and chiseling qualities, each day you will be your NEXT.

Next equals young. When you have a permanent purpose, chronology—as we know it—disappears. Your only term of reference is your next goal.

Next is power. Proactive guys out there play strong, so don’t indulge in a plain status quo, but keep one step ahead of masculine enterprise.

Next breeds love. When projecting and working on forging your upcoming version, love fuels your entire existence. Love yourself first, and you’ll love others.

Next nears the truth. I doubt God designed us to reach the ultimate truth in a lifetime, because, as I see, the maximum we get is truth-pixels in the grand picture. So the path to arcane truths winds through solving minor mysteries.

When you solve them, don’t shy to share, though. Being truthful, divulging answers to life’s puzzles, no matter how trivial, doesn’t dispel your mystery aura. People will hunger for more, as you prove yourself a portal to new, tiny truths. You magnetize.

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Next Woman

The quest for the youth elixir is an age-old business, alongside gaining everlasting, robust life-force. No such things yet.

But what if we hid a drop of magic in us that preserved and prolonged a young mindset in a vigorous body?

Consider Next Woman above concepts, embody it in your lifestyle, practice it. Teach it in parallel. Save space for writing about self-confidence, improvement, youthful appearance, and personal magnetism.

From knowing yourself through fixing flaws to enhancing qualities, youth comes down to constant designing for NEXT.

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