The Hidden Dangers of Perfection Overpowered

The Hidden Dangers of Perfection Overpowered

Thinking of perfection as dangerous may be too much. But there are some hidden dangers about perfection, depending on your standpoint in relation to it.

Perfection Is a Relative Standard

Some cringe at seeing perfection incarnate. And do you know why? Because there is a natural tendency in us to judge ourselves against standards. Whose standards? Standards are relative. Therefore so is anything seen in relation to them.


Absolute Perfection Is Inaccessible

Yet, some things are thought to be absolute. Should we compare to them? No. First of all, absolute means non-relative. Only God knows what absolute is. So do not sin by comparing yourself to absolute things. This will bring about disappointment, delusion, or even depression.

Eternal Youth Is Absolute

Eternal youth is an ideal, right. And something as immutable as that cannot be other than absolute. At least at the level of our universe. How can we aspire to eternal youth since it is sinful to relate to the absolute?


Perfection of Your Youth Is Illusive

Youth is perfection per se. It is life at its perfect, and we all have our share of it. But should we keep comparing ourselves to what we used to look like? Remember that standards are relative. As we grow, our standards should change. We should always want more, at a higher and higher level.


Youth Itself Is Action  

Instead, constantly try to propose and project a next you and work at making these mental designs come true. Although keeping a youthful image of yourself in all your designs is crucial, you should not take youth as your absolute standard. Youth is not static, it is all about action. Evolving is the only way to grow young. So move your standards higher as you grow. It is rather a matter of feeling, looking, and acting your best at each next level of you.

Your Best Is Your Next

I strongly believe that there is a solution to anything in this world. Then there has to be a solution beyond perfection and ideals. To my mind it is exactly this: your best at each stage of your development. That is why I suggest conversing your best into your next. Therefore forget about perfection. By permanently trying to feel, look and act your next you will subdue the hidden dangers it entails.

A new you is always better. The trick is to treasure your assets and constantly bring them to a next level of power. Not only should you be their best guardian, but also the master magician who plays them into motion. To do wonders is simple as long as you deal equally with mental and physical matters. This is what great magicians do. It’s all about overpowering.

Beautiful Woman with Black Lace mask over her Eyes. Red Sexy Lips and Nails closeup. Open Mouth. Manicure and Makeup. Make up concept. Passion

Dream versus Scream

You know, while both perfection and magic wow people, it is the latter which brings the idea of doing closer to us. It is static against playing. Status quo against status pro. Intrigued and dream versus intrigued and scream. In the face of perfection your wow will be rather silent, whereas magic typically provokes loud excitement. And why is that so? I think just because you are timid to aspire to an absolute standard and ashamed to show you even dare compare yourself against that standard. As incredible as it may sound, magic is a bit more humane than perfection. Magic is the art of bringing the absolute closer to your physical possibilities.


The Next You Overpowers Perfection

Therefore replace dreaming of an impossible absolute by projecting a possible future you. Replace longing with acting. And remember to play your current assets into next power. Your only ideal of perfection is the next you, a humanely variable standard. And thus perfection is overpowered.

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