From Shoes to Impress to Shoes to Address

From Shoes to Impress to Shoes to Address

Do you basically wear shoes to impress, or is it rather to address sincerely to the others? Blurred as it might be at times, this is a distinction between covertness and overtness.

Quite surprisingly, your relationship with shoes transfers to the way you relate with people. If footwear can reveal some interesting things about your personality and character, it is only when you wear the shoes that resonate with your true self that you can consider yourself sincere. An open person, therefore. With an intention to express herself.


Impress versus Express

When it is social constraints that always dictate your choice of footwear, you might be trying to impress rather than express. However, you still express something. This expression, of course, depends a lot on the acuity of those you come in contact with. It is up to their sharpness of perception to discern to what degree impression outweighs expression.

Beyond this discussion, shoes in themselves can be purposefully designed to impress, to address, or express everything in between. For more clarity of clues, I will further take the first extreme as a point of reference.


Shoes designed to impress

By wearing the latest fashion, you impress anyway. However, trendiness is not intrinsic to impressive shoes. On the contrary, I should say that trends are more about constraints.

Dramatic shoes

A good designer reinvents the trend and, most importantly, will always target a precise emotional response to his/her creation. Such shoes are dramatic, so to speak.

If you are on the same page with the shoe designer, you will feel that emotion and buy the pair. You either buy the creation to impress in turn, in which case you are deeply empathetic with your prospective admirers. Or you buy it simply because it will make your true self feel happy. You have that eureka feeling that the designer has created those shoes pointedly for you. And you will wear them in all sincerity. Congrats!


Decadent shoes

I would take this style of shoes as a subcategory of dramatic. It is super dramatic and arrests attention. As to emotions, there is a highly eclectic mixture they may arouse. If you wear such footwear you might look pitiable to some people’s eyes, ridiculous to others, or even mentally disordered. It depends on their level of education, refinement and artistic taste, sense of humor, personality and even lifestyle. More often than not decadent is veritable art, ingenious, and high end. It appeals to artists and the eccentric rich. And it may appeal to you too, either because you want to impress, or because you are an artist at heart. Congrats, if you are!


Dernier Crie

Trendsetters are gifted, imaginative, not infrequently ambitious designer artists with a vision. They somehow feel the pulse of the world not only at a knowledgeable level, but also intuitively. Their creative resources seem to be permanently connected to people’s collective wishes and dreams. And they make people’s dreams come true. It is co-creation at a high level of subtlety. In spite of this collective vision, trendsetters are seen as unique spearheads of any new wave in fashion. A wave which sweeps across the world taking almost everyone by storm.


Some people cry out in recognition of their own dream. Some express joy and heartfelt appreciation for the new style. Others embrace the opportunity to change their wardrobe and maybe friends. Fellow designers welcome it or hate it, and unfailingly fall under its spell for inspiration, but nobody really knows what they think. One thing is certain. The latest fashion is always loud and everyone cries for their own reason.

Now, if you want to be on top of each new wave and always wear the dernier crie in shoes, it is definitely because you want to impress. This is a clear clue.

When you wear a new style because it feels so you, the designer and you might have met in a dream. It is a joke, of course, but I just wanted to reinforce the idea of congeniality. Whatever the designer wanted to express suits you perfectly, so if you wear that style of shoes you will express none other but yourself. They will help you to address the others sincerely.


Chic in Shoes

Chic is more than fashionable. It is that sophisticated elegance which will forever be en vogue. Wear chic shoes, and you will walk in a cloud of subtle femininity. You radiate finesse just like a whiff of posh perfume. A daring note added to bon goût will be the perfect formula to impress. It is that dash of masculine energy that leaves people nonplussed. As much as it is quasi non-gageable, it pushes yin to stardom. And if it is your true feminine self that chooses the formula, well done! This is what you express.


Casual Chic Footwear

As familiar as it might be with connoisseurs, eclecticism confounds the masses. Apart from being plus ‘casual’, casual chic is such a generous style when it comes to fusing influences and trends. That is why casual chic shoes are quite often designed to impress.


Sometimes they feature a sharp imbalance. They are either too casual or too chic. In this case it is rather the connoisseurs the shoes might have been created to impress. Such prospective buyers may either smile them off as too common or appreciate them for urban outings.

When the designer intention targets the average person, a more balanced approach is sought after. The shoes had better not scare the mass buyers away. Even so, chances are commoners will gawk in shock.


If you appeal to casual chic to impress, well, people might stare at your feet anyway, be they connoisseurs or not. Conversely, if casual chic appeals to you, fusion does not breed confusion. Either to you or to your league. And in this case, who cares if anyone gets confused?


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