Breathe your best! Need teaches us to breathe well

Breathe your best! Need teaches us to breathe well

Do I breathe well? Hard to say, since humans never know their limits. Do you?

At least we can breathe our best.

Although I haven’t applied Dr. Weil’s techniques yet, or any yoga technique as a matter of fact, I may have done so unaware. When it comes to well-being, what I primarily do is connect to my body and try to see what pleases it. What makes it feel a harmonious whole.

If my body feels comfortable, my mind is at ease. The reciprocal is also valid.

A passionate of science, I like to check with researchers’ studies. But in most cases only after I have understood my body’s needs and workings by myself. I find it both challenging and fun to get scientific background and confirmation for what I experience.

What taught me to breathe my best

My body was the first to teach me how to breathe well. Need is the best teacher. It sharpens awareness and activates all the internal resources, mental and physical.

Girl breathing in happiness.
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As a child, I used to wake up so indescribably happy and optimistic each day. So, wishing to express adoration for existence, I automatically filled my lungs with air as completely as I could. It felt like an intake of pure life energy. Only later did I learn about the respiratory system, the diaphragm and correct breathing.

Then it was physical activity that taught me. I enjoy doing sport and, thank God, always had wonderful, competent physical education teachers and coaches.

Do you know what else taught me how to breathe well? And still does. Grief, anxiety and demanding or unexpected situations. My instincts push me to take a long deep breath first thing, even before consulting my brain for solutions. So I breathe my best.

Anyone’s first lesson

I know from the biology teacher in grade 6, when we studied human physiology, a fact that has haunted my senses along years. The greatest, almost unbearable physical pain a human experiences is right in the moment they are born. When air opens and fills the lung alveoli for the first time.

This crude reality explains a newborn’s cries when they come out of the mother’s womb.

Therefore need teaches us the first lesson: HOW TO BREATHE. A painful lesson that becomes a survival routine.

And, with life’s peaks and downs, a smart personal panacea.

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