Wear Sincere Shoes on a First Date with HIM

Wear Sincere Shoes on a First Date with HIM

I look at sincere shoes from two different viewpoints. If the wearer wants to keep things sincere, she should express herself by means of shoes. On the other hand, we can deal with sincere shoes in themselves. In this case the designer keeps a low profile, which allows for the woman’s leg line and femininity to stand out.

While both categories of sincere shoes can make a fortunate choice on a first date, I tend to favor the latter one. It all comes down to how much of yourself you want to show on such a delicate occasion.

Do Not Scare Him Away

By all means express yourself on a first date, but you had better rely on other means. The reason is simple. Shoes are powerful transmitters and if you do not apply their attributes in the right doses your message might get distorted. And even scare the man away. You surely do not want that to happen until you’ve found out to what degree he qualifies for a steady date.


Save the Hard Test for the Second Date

Well, you can, if you want, force destiny and say out loud who you are and what you want right from the start. Maybe you don’t have time for second dates, or just not the necessary patience. Or you may be the dominant type who would rather have a man say no to that from day one. Tramping in your true-to-heart shoe of power is a win-win situation for you.

Yet, isn’t patience so typically feminine? It is a quality most men appreciate in women. That is why I usually move the hard test on to the second date. The first one is more for accommodation and exploration.

Sincere Shoes Lead the Way

Contrary to what some women might think, a low profile design is often art at its most refined. A great designer captures essences in the purest of lines. And they will always know how much that essence and the woman will complete each other to drive any man crazy.


The man you meet is not interested in your shoes, but in the way you fill them in and guide them on. The soles of your feet touch them softly, and he will imagine a soft touch from you. You lead them nicely on the pavement, and he will find himself being nicely led on. Even if it’s not your intention he will have this impression. The good news is he won’t mind. And it’s exactly thanks to the shoes you are wearing. When he looks at your feet he sees nothing but pure feminine sincerity. No super high platforms, no glitz, no misleading chains or straps, nor set or dangling stone. He wakes up as though from a dream and blames himself. And you know what this self-blame will grow into. Anything from a liking of you up to an obsession with you. Nothing less.

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Sincere shoes can answer at least three questions about you:

What is the ratio feminine-masculine?

Shoes with no intention of fabrication will leave the right space for your femininity to unfold. Their cut, color and style combined with the way they are being worn will show how feminine you are and how significant the masculine voice in you is. Some weighty yang within a woman’s personality did not kill any man. On the contrary, some prefer that. Yet, do not try your luck with it on a first date. You risk to kill the second one.


How do you relate to your femininity?

Although your femininity is all a man is looking for, it will pass unobserved in the absence of some masculine energy. This ratio can change with time due to education, life experience, lifestyle, or the environment in which you live and/or work. Many times women have to become tougher in order to cope with difficulties, compete with men, or build successful careers.


No matter how much masculine energy you have, show the right amount during a first date. If you have too much, make the man guess that, but do not pour it all on him. If you situate yourself at the opposite extreme, try to pluck up the little yang you have and make do with it. Do not pretend to be more masculine than you are.

Sincere shoes can help you in either case. Not full-range daring in the former one, and not blandly feminine and completely weak in the latter. The crude truth will come out in all its splendor on the second date. You’ll see if it’s splendor for him too. If it is, he could be the right man for you.

The Love Caller Woman Avatar

For all I know, most men who date with a nice intention prefer a nicely balanced composition. The woman avatar they look for is sparkling femininity showcased by the right amount of masculine energy. And this would translate by a woman well aware of her inner feminine power. A sweet peace maker and love caller respondent to masculine attributes, as much as a self-confident, self-reliant, and outspoken prospective partner. Well, sincere shoes can successfully stand for that. Choose them artfully.


How does your femininity relate to his masculinity?

Sincere shoes will leave his intuition free way towards the complexity of your feminine personality. This means the shoes themselves will hardly give him any clues except for the inviting one that you are sincere.


According to the type of man he is he will feel more or less at ease on this way. He may prefer to be comfortable or, quite the other way round, he might look for a challenge. If he meets a satisfactory promise he will go on to pursue you for a second date.

It is interesting how the sincerity of shoes can only make a promise and not give an answer. It is a most refined way to foster curiosity.

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