Blue sky invites writing

Blue sky invites writing

I long for the blue sky. What does this melancholic longing mean? Have I been too connected to Mother Earth? Yay, that’s great news of myself, otherwise a born non-dealer! Have I conquered mundanity, or has mundanity engulfed me?

The right to a blue sky

Push your way forward, dear folks! Get up and walk, sweat your path to achieving goals, struggle, fight, ram through obstacles, act, be doers, never stop! Yeah, a damn activating cheer, action verbs people constantly hear. Urging words reach modern soldiers through numberless channels, raise you up, call you to battle. But what bitter frustration when you dare less compared to others, walk more slowly, do little. Let them fight, whispers an inner voice, soothing, reconstructing a bruised self-esteem.

Let the army fight, conscious comes to the rescue; combating is inborn. Anyone has a right to live, bellicose or not. Nature must have designed less combatant individuals with a purpose. In this logic, the right to well-being and happiness is an absolut share. The problem is, though, many combatants—if not most—do not fight for a common cause. The ideal polity of one for all and all for one, as other ideals, functions chipped and distorted: malfunctions. Hence the mundane self-centeredness. No fight, no right.

Thank God there are springs of happiness other than achieved goals. And what a blessing people can set achievable goals. Humane, I should say, tailored to fit each individual’s nature. Then, think: there are several you. Also, your life unrolls in consecutive different stages: doer today, thinker tomorrow. So, let soldiers fight—when they should, must, or will! Just indulge in the sole certain, indestructible, shareable right: the right to a blue sky.

Write on the blue sky

Whether armies might mar, clutter, or desecrate airspace, look higher up, into the untouchable region. Evade mundane time, and the illusion of blue will turn palpable. Draw, paint, write on the blue sky.

Spend time with your infinite self to prevail once back into battle. No matter your battlefield, cease fire, take a respite, draw in power, and restart the worldly course.

I have just returned from a solo trip in the grand azure and will be a better doer tomorrow.

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