5 Dress Tips for Next Woman’s First Date with HIM

5 Dress Tips for Next Woman’s First Date with HIM

Overcome first date fright by being yourself, acting naturally, and dressing to the occasion. Trust a first date at least for its teachings in the ways of life, if not for the odds of it changing your life for the better.

Many people, both men and women, feel a bit insecure on a first date. Some plunge into this venture without too much thinking just in order to avoid nervousness. Others, on the contrary, sleep on it too much: what to wear, how to behave, what to say. This is a way to build even more tension.

Prerequisite: Next Woman Meets HIM

For Next Woman a first date is an opportunity to show that she is confident in herself and knows well what she wants out of life. But above all she can prove love for herself, which tells volumes of her capacity to love in general.

Next Woman relies on her innate feminine power and flair and dresses to meet HIM. That means not just any man, but possibly the right man.

Here are five tips on what to wear on a first date if you want to be that kind of woman.

  1. Wear a Dress for First Date Success

When you wear a dress ‘woman’ is already written all over you. Everything else comes more easily. Think from the man’s viewpoint. When he takes time away from job, friends, or whatever his manly business is just in order to meet you, be sure he wants something different. That means nothing to remind him of job, friends, and manly business. Therefore make a powerful feminine first impression by wearing a dress. As simply feminine as that.

Skirt and blouse? OK, but still somewhat office-ish. Can you imagine how many women in that kind of outfit he may have seen during the day? As to pants, count them out from the start. Therefore by wearing a dress you will make a simple feminine declaration to meet his expectation.

  1. Frank Femininity Length

Not too short and not too long either, your dress should place your femininity into focus. Too short, it’s frivolous. The chances to be dated a second time are still there, but somewhat narrower. I’m sure you want to attract the right man. Too long might be interpreted as mysterious, as though you wanted to conceal something. Although an intriguing style attracts men, you’re not sure this one will take the chances to discover your ‘secret’ on a future date. Therefore your dress should be the proper length to unveil the typical grace of a woman’s legs. Show off ankles, shins and calves, and by all means the roundness of your knees, at least when seated. You’re not going to the office or to a job interview! And don’t worry if your legs aren’t perfect. It is self confidence that attracts, not perfection, remember? Especially on a first date. So raise interest in him without being too mysterious or too showy. You will have time for that on subsequent dates, if you know how to grade feminine charm and power. Frank femininity is definitely the right length for a successful first date.


  1. A Flattering Fit

Not too tight and not too flare-skirted either. Tight means attack, while ‘vanity flare’ is too girlish. Men like to be in control, mainly on a first date, so don’t look aggressively sexy. On the other hand, they are less likely to trust an immature woman for a second date.



A straight dress, a pleated soft jersey, a nicely balanced fit and flare, or a skater dress with just a slight flare would make a great choice and a nice impression. Pick up the right cut and shape to flatter your figure. A pencil styled skirt will make your waist appear slimmer and your legs a bit longer. Also mind the fabric and print if you want to look your feminine best. Yet, according to your type of body, height, and weight, it is possible that just about any cut of dress may look good and decent on you. And one more thing. It is amazing how a dress that might seem unsuitable for you, or even inappropriate to the occasion, could turn flattering and appropriate once you’ve put it on. That is why I advise you to try dresses on before buying them. And definitely have a modelling session in front of your largest mirror at home prior to going out on a first date.


  1. No Tempting Eve and Not ‘the Dream’

Not too daring, and not too romantic either. Daring looks on a first date might scare the right man away. You know, men like to feel comfortable. Too romantic might be misinterpreted as needy. With some guys it may wrongly point to the daydreamer type of woman, or simply one with a dream. The dream. So impress him through more subtle tricks.


What Is Daring?

Now, what is daring? It actually depends on your personality and your natural appearance. The same outfit may look daring on one woman, ridiculous on another one, while some women can wear it with natural grace and confidence.

Daring may also be interpreted differently by men. While for some too skin-revealing might be daring, others do not need more than chic to label your attire and mien as daring.

Conclusion: neither too skin-revealing, nor too daring chic, be it casual, bohemian, or designer.

Romanticism Is a Winner in Two

Romantic… even if quite a lot of men say they are romantic, most say so because they believe that’s what you want to hear. It is one of the lessons they teach one another during their early schooling years on how to conquer a girl. Well, romanticism does not conquer a man, keep that in mind. At least not on a first date. Romanticism is more about atmosphere and the two in a pair can build it together in time. Or from time to time. Romanticism is a winner in two.


Therefore, if you are a true romantic don’t make it your forte. You should neither flaunt it, nor hide it. Just make sure you do not put it all over you. That means flimsy, vaporous, billowing dresses, boho tunics, large bell sleeves, rainbowish patterns, too much pink and pinkish and rosy. Color and pink and flowery are OK, but with the right style of dress. In fact, anything of the above could be OK as long as you keep the measure and wear them with natural charm.

It is more than understandable that if you are not a romantic by nature you should not bother to look like one. First of all you would not feel at ease, with a disastrous impact on your success rate. Then, it will be clearly visible, turning the first date into an awkward event.

Therefore, no matter your type, ponder the romantic element of your attire. You could wear a dress with a simple clean cut and introduce it by means of an angelic color or a flowery pattern. The alternative would be a dress with more flare, or a ruffle, or a moderate bell sleeve, but keep the color plain.


  1. Approachable, but not docilely uninterested

Let a first date shine with the proper light

Strikingly elegant on a first date? No. This is a strong statement, no matter how it gets translated by him. Aloofness, arrogance, superiority, or too high expectations, and all conspicuously so. Also, it may induce the idea that you have already set the prospect of a high end venue for the very first date. Then think of the incongruity of the pair of you in case he does not turn up dressed as smart as yourself. Again, he might feel uncomfortable and possibly under your heel. He will back off, as nothing flatters men more than being given a chance to show power and protectiveness. So let him master the yang and let yourself be the right balancing yin to keep your first date harmonious.


Smart casual is OK, but too casual, or too smart as a matter of fact, would chip at the said harmony. Keep the middle line of impact to meet any expectation and smooth out the atmosphere of the first date with him. Also think that too casual points to nonchalance, indifference, and even lack of respect. This first date would not shine with the proper light.

Balance achieves

Forbidding chic, precious fabrics, designer cuts will make you appear stand-offish, downright unapproachable. And you do not want that on a first date. He may really be the right man for you, so give a chance to your future with him.


Likewise, a simple slip dress, a too common tunic dress or a plain cut associated with plain fabric and drab color will lessen the likelihood of a good first impression. To say nothing of complementary comfortable footwear that look sporty or teenage-cool.


Therefore wear a dress to make you look approachable, but not docilely uninterested. And this, if you want to get his interest and a second date. Even if the man does not rise up to your expectations, and you wouldn’t like to meet him again, get a second date by all means. It will flatter your feminine assets and forge you on the path to Next Woman Power.


Keep Trying Unabated

Dating is good exercise in self-knowledge, self-confidence, and feminine power. And remember, a first date is always a kind of baptism of fire. So go for first dates, and go properly armed. A first date is not a contest or a battle, but it can be a turning point in your life.

Being powerful does not mean being alone. You can keep your power in a relationship, but you have to find the right man for that. So keep trying, unabated.

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