Shocking: dogfight on Romania’s National Arena

Shocking: dogfight on Romania’s National Arena

Shocking is nothing like unfamiliar with Romanians. On the contrary, they have become so used to shocking news that anything which is less of a shock is discarded as unimportant. What they enjoy most though is dealing with whatever hides behind the news.

A shocking national contest

Any breaking news is usually followed by some kind of national contest in shocking cover stories. It is a contest which unfolds under two main sections: freestyle and professional. When it comes to politics, only dogfight rules apply, no matter the section.

The former category are free to voice any opinion and concoction, according to their level of information and understanding or to their partisanship. Things are totally different with the professional commentators. The news is imparted to them in advance and they deliver their show along the same good old imposed lines. Either leftist or rightist. A non-biased such commentator is a rare thing. They write their articles or fix appointments with TV stations, ready for combat. No sooner has the news item gone public than they switch from stand-by to play.

Circus display to keep the bread away

What is worse, they constantly warm up on the margin of the fight pit, thus keeping the whole people in a state of rage. Unfortunately, few spectators on this national arena see the shocking reason behind such circus display. It’s just a screen to keep the bread away.  Needless for me to say that these screen people comment even on episodes that haven’t yet taken place. They predict what this or that political enemy is going to do. Only bad things, of course. It is hilarious, but at the same time sad to blame people for upcoming monstrous deeds that are going to bring Romanians to perish. It is also dangerous, I think. At a sign, famished populaces are deluded enough to pour down into the pit to prevent that to happen. And bring the distractors’ masters to total power.

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