Light in the Bedroom – FIRE

Light in the Bedroom – FIRE

Light is associated with the element of FIRE. Although light in the bedroom is as important as all the other elements, it is not sleep-inducing for most of us. Some people may need various degrees of semi-darkness, while others do not need light in the bedroom at all during sleep.

A Passionate State of Matter versus Peaceful Light

The element of FIRE refers to bursts of energy, intense activity, a crazed, passionate state of matter. When we need fire, we think of, look at, and borrow some from the nearest celestial source we have, our sun. The sun is matter at its most incandescent and restless, as also is the core of our planet. Although FIRE points directly to material activity, we cannot rule out some kind of initial spark which must have led to it, and neither can we rule out the idea of combustion turning into subdued mellowness at some point, which will eventually become extinguished. It seems everything in the universe is born, grows, and eventually turns into something else. Maybe the universe itself does so.

Air, Water, Earth & Light in the Bedroom

We, human beings, are born as sparks, or out of a spark, grow and live our more or less tumultuous lives, then mellow down and eventually turn into dust. Interestingly, that spark stays with us throughout our earthly experience, and some say it is eternal, therefore continues its existence. Beyond the FIRE of life, we can imagine there is this peaceful eternal light where the sparks come from.

Light in the Bedroom

The bedroom is normally seen as that space in our house allocated for sleeping, therefore it should create an atmosphere more similar to the peaceful light of the universe rather than the tumultuous solar activity. Consequently, FIRE should not be the dominant element. In fact it should be the least present of all.


Yet, it is only your needs that dictate to what extent this element should be integrated into the decor of your bedroom. A whole series of factors can influence this: the type of sleeper you are; your fears and phobias, if any; whether you sleep alone or not; the kind of relationship between you and the other person, if and when any; the degree of intimacy between the two of you, and your bedroom routine; self-awareness; your intentions with respect to the depth and duration of your sleep; your intentions with respect to the very destination of your bedroom, and probably many other variables.

I am a lover of sunlight, so I love large windows to let it flood all the rooms in my house, including the bedroom, but during sleep I prefer complete darkness. For that, I have a whole array of gauzy curtains, thick velvet drapes, and opaque blinds.

Light Sleepers

If light sleepers really want to change that, keeping the element of FIRE to a low can help. It is indispensable, of course, but it should barely weigh in the balance, as opposed to all the other elements. Remember though that no matter what kind of sleeper you are, your relationship with any of the four elements is a crucial factor. If, for example, you are afraid of the dark, you definitely have to take that into consideration and let more light in the bedroom. You can improve the quality of your sleep by other means, like introducing  more AIR, or WATER.


Heavy Sleepers

If, and when, heavy sleepers feel their sleep might be a little too deep, increasing the presence of FIRE to the detriment of AIR or WATER could help. That can also be only a temporary change, depending on some given circumstances. You may need to change your sleeping routines because you have a newborn baby to check upon during the night, or because your new job requires getting up earlier and until you get used to it you need a period of adjustment. Or simply because you have a plane to catch the following morning.


LOVE in the Bedroom

LOVE is everywhere, in each and every one of us, and it stays with us wherever we go and whatever we do. It is therefore also present in your bedroom, since you love yourself and surround yourself with objects that you love or remind you of your loved ones. No matter if you are alone or with a partner, love is there. And even if your love life or sex life is less than perfect or downright unhappy, a spark of love is still there.


Well, if you want to make that spark flare up into a fire, then you definitely need to bring more FIRE into your bedroom. FIRE will not only rekindle or give birth to feelings of love and improve your sex life with your partner, but it will also summon love into your life if you are single. If, deep down into your heart, you wish for a partner, FIRE will eventually bring him/her to you. I mean FIRE both in your heart and in your bedroom. Therefore bring a few fiery accents to the decor.

Natural Light in the Bedroom

Large windows letting the mysterious color fusion of twilight or starry night light in the bedroom create a natural hypnotic effect very hard to match. The same window walls, or roof skylights, will readjust you nicely to daylight, going through raw dawn to the explosion of natural light you need upon waking up.


And think how easy it is to change the bedroom atmosphere decor any moment, according to your needs, just by means of drapes or shades. You can have a combination of drapes and/or shades made of different fabrics to ensure a wider range of light diffusion filters. Just by magic, your bedroom could turn bright, or semiobscure, or completely dark.

Artificial Light in the Bedroom

Artificial light is a welcomed solution when it comes to introducing the element of FIRE into your bedroom. More than that, it is both a necessary facility, for instance when you need light overnight, and a means to create any degree of lighting you want, irrespective of the weather conditions or of what time of day or night it is. And it is all at the push or touch of a button. We are indeed lucky to be able to benefit from this modern convenience and its inexhaustible source of lighting decorations.


The incandescent light bulb, whose era is getting to an end, has for many years now filled our homes with warmth and soft yellowish light reminding of fire. It is being replaced by more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and light-emitting diode lamps (LED). These devices come in a variety of forms and sizes. Some ceiling or wall light fixtures and lamps are objects of art in themselves. Their beauty can lend a lovely feel to any room, all the more needed in the place allotted to sleep and love. Remember, it is not necessarily a matter of shared love with a partner, it is love in itself, love for yourself, love for people in general and for life.


Creative contemporary design makes use of lighting systems to turn a whole bedroom into a quasi unworldly space propitious for relaxation, good sleep, beautiful dreams, and love. A combination of devices like light fixtures, fluorescent tubes, diode lamps, or light projectors can even recreate a starry night sky above you before or while sleeping.


Top designer decors artfully merge natural light into artificial lighting effects to create a unique personalized atmosphere, indulging and peace-inspiring beyond imagination. You should indeed feel unique in this space, just like a pampered queen, or prince. I do not want to exclude men from the pictures I envisage on this blog, although I primarily address to Next Woman.


Colors and Light in the Bedroom

All colors are light, but some are to a greater extent evocative of FIRE, of incandescent activity, of the sun. They are said to be stimulants of energy, to increase impetus, and to set your blood in motion for more intense activity. Yellow and red or any shades and tones containing these hues in greater amounts could be felt as such, as well as bright light, be it white, yellow or light blue. Studies of fire and flames have revealed that matter in its hottest state is bright white, yellow, or blue, then, as it gets colder, orange and red.

In fact, it is not only a matter of color, if not of intensity and brightness. If we think better, fire is the result of combustion, which is a reaction between a fuel and an oxidant, therefore the color of the flame is highly influenced by these elements. Therefore all vivid, bright colors could have an activating impact on you. As with everything else, this impact also depends on a series of variables like personality, taste, personal experience with colors, gender, phobias, etc.


If you need or want to sparkle up your bedroom use more red or yellow pigments in the colors on your walls, reds and reddish browns, tones of violet or dark peach, various shades of orange. Remember that tones are combinations of a color with any shade of gray (basically black and white in the desired proportion), while shades are obtained by adding any amount of black to a color. You can also choose flooring and furniture of yellowish or reddish brown wood essences or finishes.


The easiest way to enliven the atmosphere with a little FIRE, especially when you do not want a permanent effect, is to use decorative objects, bedspreads or cushions in yellow, orange, red, or any bright, vibrant color. Nice night lamps, candles or red roses are other suggestions.

You Are the Light in the Bedroom

Next Woman, you are the main source of light in your bedroom, ardent and active during the day, settling down to glowing embers at night fall, ready to give yourself in to the peaceful embrace of universal LOVE.


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