Single Woman 40+, How to Date with Class

Single Woman 40+, How to Date with Class

Being a single woman is nothing but normal at some point in your life. It usually is a transient social status. A station which gives you a respite to relax, consider, become better, and aim for the best. Except for the case when you simply love being single, or when you need a longer break from committed life in two, you are most likely ready to mingle in single men’s society.

Femininity picks

The best advantage of being a single woman is that all you have to do in order to find the right man for you is take care of yourself and your home. These are exactly the activities most women adore. Then, there is nothing more subtle and rewarding than conquering a man just by means of your feminine presence. Frankly unveiling your femininity in front of a man does it.


The Trick to Narrow Down the Pick

If you are over 40, your femininity has reached top self-confidence and shape. It is a great plus you should definitely take advantage of. All the more so if you are a single woman. You are the core woman avatar men look for. So show up in their middle, reveal your feminine self, and see what happens. Only those men qualify, who react positively to this show of essential femininity. And to narrow down your pick further, show some class. It will make you stand out in the eyes of the right men on the lookout. As you surely want a man who responds to finesse.

Make Him Spark, to Date like a Queen

Dating is the only way you can finally get to The One. It is an exploration adventure, an act of courage, and a show of determination. Just like any adventure, it is packed full with contrasting emotions, from insecurity and fear, to excitement. Determination is the motor and you cannot do without, that’s set. But you can ease things down and date from a stand of power, if you do it with class. It sparks things on, and it does so nicely. Don’t worry, the sparks will be on him. The more sparks you see in his eyes, the smoother will the dating ride be for you. You will feel like a queen on a float.



Single Woman 40+, How to Date with Class

Therefore everything about you should be classy when dating the possibly right man. Envelop him in a cloud of classy femininity that he will find hard to escape.


Your stance, the way you walk and sit, any movement or gesture you make should concomitantly show confidence and grace. Restrain from grimacing your face and gesticulating too much. A powerful woman expresses everything she wishes to through other means.


Your voice should sound natural and convincing, yet as femininely melodious as it can get. For a velvety quality and a pleasant rhythm of speech, try to utter sequences of words on your expiration. Of course, you can train your voice to add to your feminine power.

A woman’s voice should be a peace-monger for men. That is why it is wise to use its harmonious valences when you are face to face with one. So lower or raise the pitch of your voice and change its rhythm in perfect accord with whatever you are saying. Also, avoid any sharp modification, without being monotonous either. Play his whole presence swiftly to the melody of your voice. He will comply.



First of all the clothes you wear should tell of who you are. Allow your deep feminine SELF to choose them, and they will resonate with the true you. Also, make wise use of garments to showcase the feminine outlines of your body and enhance its shape. Be careful not to show too much skin, especially on a first date. And remember that a dress speaks sincere femininity in a more direct way. Highly refined chic is needed to express that by means of a different outfit. You might want to have a look at my dress tips for a first date.

Apart from being frankly feminine in point of length and tailoring, if you are over 40 your clothes should place focus on style. Good-quality textures and sophisticated yet simple-looking cuts should give an overall impression of gracious feminine flow. A flow charged with pure feminine power which attracts the man in its secret, alluring intricacies. Give him a sense you are the right balancing yin to keep the date harmonious.


Let Your Feminine SELF Whisper

You are statuesque and move with exquisite grace, but your dress swishes at the faintest stir. So, for an enchanting effect, choose fabrics which can send half-whispered promises in your place. You can opt for wrap drape cuts that would almost want to unwrap at their own will. This is the only daring sign you should give, your feminine SELF’s.

However, remember to wear only clothes in which you feel at ease. They should enable you to move with grace and confidence, behave naturally, and speak warmly.

Beauty Model girl with Healthy Brown Hair. Beautiful brunette woman touching her long smooth shiny straight hair. Hairstyle. Hair cosmetics, haircare. Hair care, extensions. Isolated on white


Whether worn down or up, your hair should be definitely done. And this does not mean stiff with hairspay, but well combed and arranged to say something true about yourself. Stylish it loose, and you will show a youthful spirit, a free spirit, a busy woman, openness, frankness, or other, depending on the style. Go for an updo and you will look either more elegant, or sensuous, or businesslike. Again, it depends on the way your hair is styled.

I wouldn’t go for messy-sexy or loose strands. These could be highly classy designs, but highly dependent on the artist who does them. Anyway, I do not recommend that much direct sensuality on a first, second or even third date.



As to makeup, I’ll give you but one basic hint: it should make you look beautiful and truthful. Wear whatever makeup combination meets these two requirements. However, a classy trick is to either foreground lips or place accent on your eyes.


Oh, my god. This is difficult. Make sure you pick a style to suit the whole edifice which is your presence. This is a first must of the matter. Yet the heart of it is comfort. Footwear should fit you to a T and ensure effortless, graceful steps. This, if you want your date to be a pleasure. And, god forbid, do not break in a new pair of shoes on a date. It is an unnecessary hazard.


Taking the above into account, shoes can well be your element of choice to make a statement. In this case, they should not match any other element in color and, possibly, texture of material. Keep them in style, though. To what extent to do that depends on your astuteness in point of style and also on how much of it you want to show on a particular date. I would keep extravagance in check on a first one. Thus it introduces you as a self-assured single woman.


A classy date of a classy single woman keeps accessories on a low profile. You should not shine too brightly on the outside. Give your inner light full space to shine. Therefore not too many and definitely not sparkly accessories to wear. Such items will deflect his attention. What is worse, they could even induce in the man you date the idea that you are needy and desperate to attract his attention.



However, it is a bit different with jewelry. Jewelry is meant to sparkle, but only to augment a woman’s distinctive radiance. Unless you choose to wear it as simple accessories, make sure it’s not just shiny metal. Jewelry is about gemstones. And choosing the right stone, be it precious or semi-precious, is an art. Interpret ‘sparkle’ as an enhancer of your true beauty. The mysterious luster of turquoise can be as effective as the sumptuous dazzle of sapphires, on condition it suits your mood, the whole outfit, and the occasion.

Yet, too many sources of light other than you will confuse his sight and get you out of focus now and again. That is why only one piece can make a statement. It may be a paired item, of course, if you choose earrings.

For an irresistible, truthful impact, let your deep SELF make a choice, it will know better. It is HER statement.

40+ Is a Plus

So walk to a date with feminine confidence, all clad in class, and you will surely make a statement of a powerful single woman. And remember that 40+ is a plus.

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