Your Own Signature Shoes Are the Shoes You Die In

Your Own Signature Shoes Are the Shoes You Die In

Signature shoes tell something about their creator and also about the person who wears them. You personalize shoes the instant you break into them. A pair of shoes will look unique on your feet. It’s a kind of co-creation.

Also, by simply wearing a pair of shoes repeatedly, and I mean ANY pair of shoes, the distinction maker – wearer becomes gradually blurred. And it is in favor of the idea of co-creation. Your feet will leave an imprint which tells about their morphology and their physiology. But there is more to this foot-in impression. It points to what kind of person you are and to your lifestyle. The way you step, for example, and for how long you have walked in a pair of footwear become apparent with time. And these are tell-tale clues. Thus, the shoes you have worn turn into your signature shoes.

You Always Die Sincere in Death Signature Shoes

We are not born in shoes, but are most likely to die with a pair of them on. The particular ones you are caught in by death are your true signature shoes. You might argue that it’s not those that represent you. Unfortunately, what they tell there and then can no longer be questioned. And this is simply because you cannot voice anything anymore.

Nevertheless, they do represent you. They unveil something true about you. You always die sincere in your death signature shoes.


Death Ruffles and Uncovers

Death is a sensational topic. Maybe just because we hardly know anything about it. That is why it is open to whatever view and belief. As any other mystery, it unleashes resources of imagination in everyone. And no one can tell you that you are not right, since there is no proven alternative whatsoever.

Apart from its inexorability, there is another crude fact about death. It is the way you look when it catches you on the wrong foot. Death ruffles and uncovers. Willy-nilly, some of your secrets are no longer safe with you. Most of them refer to your physical appearance, but some also to your personality and character, your lifestyle or your material assets. While still alive, you most likely would not have wanted all of your secrets to come into the open. Nor would the people gathered around your body. Who would be pleased to find out that you had been wearing a wig, for instance? Maybe your haters only, if any. Otherwise you inspire pity. This would be the true horror of it.


Death Signature Shoes

But let us get back to shoes. Footwear can tell o lot about the person who has been wearing it. When you die, you are laid bare for inspection. Even if people might not be that curious to see, they still notice things unwillingly.

When you happen to die in shoes, these seem to be crying out loud something about you. Footwear is highly revealing in this end moment of your life. It puts a label on you. And you are in no position to bring any argument against it. This label is indelible.

Cheap & Worn Out Footwear

In this case, some possible labels would be: poor, pitiable, tight-fisted, careless, with low self-esteem, an introvert. While your friends pity you, your enemies forgive you, in shame. Even if any of the labels is correct, why would you care? You die sincere, as you have probably been all your life. I cannot imagine someone who has been wearing shabby footwear to be other than sincere.

Mended, But in Good Condition

You could be labeled as a sincere person, also sensible and economical. You are quite self-confident, and possibly still working on your self-esteem. You may also be seen as an altruist person, who would rather have supported your family with the money saved on your own footwear. In all probability it is neither very expensive nor poor quality shoes.


Expensive, But in Poor Condition

When you die in expensive high quality shoes, yet too worn out to impress positively, you must have been wearing them for quite a long while. And you surely could once afford them. You either used to be extremely prudent with your material assets, or had seen better days and then fell into decline. However, there might be other interpretations. Maybe you used to be that kind of person who pretended to be other than they truly were. Or, why not, a rather careless person in spite of their wealth. To pinpoint your type further, people could even think of a more complex personality, alternatively careful and nonchalant about such outer layers like footwear.

Neat & New, Cheap

Although you loved yourself dearly and always wanted more out of life, you failed. You died an aspiring success anyway. You are an inspiring monument to dedicated life and the best role model for mourners and onlookers to resume life at higher speeds. The sight of those death signature shoes should only activate them to achieve something until it’s not too late.


Dernier Crie & Out the Box

You must have been doing anything to impress. With grim determination, you probably used to put aside any penny you earned in order to save for the next latest fashion in shoes. The label may be still stuck on the sole. You labeled out your dernier crie and died as you wished to, in fresh style.


With Style in Death Signature Shoes

Even if, God forbid, you die at a party, the impeccable quality and style of your shoes can still say something good about you. Don’t worry, no one would think it was a coincidence. A person who has style has it wherever they go. And even the end is high-end. They die with style.


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