What Attracts Men: the Touch of Your Woman SELF

What Attracts Men: the Touch of Your Woman SELF

Can you believe that not only women, but men alike frequently ask themselves this question? What attracts men?

Have you often wondered why some really handsome, powerful, gorgeous men out there stick to females who might seem rather plain and not that powerful to you?

Except for the cases when there may be some petty sordid motive behind a relatioship, something these women have definitely appeals to men.

What Attracts Men: Your Love for Your Own Natural Looks

Is it looks? Well, looks is a signal which attracts men and women alike. It is great as a first step, therefore highly important. But then, layer after layer of it flies away to reveal the real you. Both your natural appearance and your true SELF.

A mistake some women make is to try to hide these. They are always striving to look their best in front of their partners, even in bed. This is not bad, but your best does not mean keeping a little makeup on, or wearing the lighter, more natural ‘while-sleep makeup’. Nor does it mean always concealing some parts of your body under sexy lingerie. You should have the courage to reveal your skin, curves and features as they really are. And it is not a matter of courage. Rather, it is a matter of feeling good in your skin.



First of all, you should know that men have an inborn, or better, ontologically developed, sense of apprehension in the face of everything that seems camouflaged, tempered with in some way or another, or fake. They tend to see danger everywhere around them, are always on the guard, double-check everything to make sure the ground they step on is safe. If you think of the role of primitive men you will better understand that. The burden of checking the ground for their own safety and that of their tribe was primarily on their shoulders. Danger was lurking in each and every bush around. This apprehensive and cautious attitude has been passed down in their genes. Once you understand the roots of such behavior in a man you will be far from disappointed and put off by it. On the contrary, you will come to appreciate it. Think of yourself as already married to the man of your dreams. Would you not rank this attitude highly in the person who is the head of your family? Then why should you appreciate it less when you first meet him?

If you look for safety and trust, you should be the first to offer them. It is the law of attraction put into practice. What attracts men is a woman they can trust and in whose presence they feel safe. Only your true face revealed will make them feel safe in your presence. Therefore you should build self-confidence when it comes to your looks. The only way to do this is by applying love when you look at yourself in the mirror, then, gradually, by learning to focus your feelings of appreciation and love on your appearance without having to contemplate its reflection. Feel yourself, know yourself, accept yourself and be happy with what you have been naturally gifted. Not only will love for yourself give you confidence to show off your natural looks, but it will also rub off on your partner’s feelings for you. His love will be a reflection of your love. What attracts men is love for yourself.

What Attracts Men: Your True Feminine SELF

Another mistake is to hide your true feelings and moods, your deepest beliefs and wishes, your wants. You might presume that revealing some of these could turn men off. Wrong presumption. What they are mostly turned off by is something that is felt as not real, not authentic, or too obscure. Men, as well as women as a matter of fact, need trust, and they cannot trust somebody who appears to hide feelings and thoughts from them. Sex-appeal and seductive smiles and a velvety voice are indeed highly attractive to men. These appeal to their instincts, but if they are not really yours, men will feel it. They may enjoy these delicious fruit and the benefits of feeding on them, but only temporarily. They will eventually depart and break up with you. They will resume their quest for the real thing.


What you can do is make all these pleasant and charming attributes your own. You can train yourself to be naturally sensuous, velvety-spoken, sexually appealing. What does sexually appealing mean? Having those gender traits which bring a sense of completion into a representative of the opposite sex so that the two are united into a harmonious whole. To be sexually appealing is to make a promise of reunion of feminine and masculine energies into a whole, and to fulfill that promise. In your case, Next Woman, it is what makes you WOMAN, the pure, inborn feminine energy in you. It is there, but you have to discover it, admit it, explore it, get used to it, develop it, and integrate it into your behavioral routine. If you were born a woman, act like one. If you want to be a powerful woman, just keep connected to your feminine SELF while mingling with the world out there. Show your feminine self to a man, and it will spark his interest. Never stop doing that, and you will keep his interest high. Men never get bored of exploring. But it should be YOU, who you really are. Exploring a mask, that is ‚danger’, is as enticing and challenging for men, due to their nature, but they will quit as soon as they get the complete picture. For life, and on their own ground, which is home, they prefer comfort. What attracts men is your feminine SELF.

Remember I told you your SELF is infinite and discovering it is a never-ending process. Well, involve him in this quest for your own SELF. If he is reluctant to accept, or gets bored soon, it means he is not interested in constructing his WHOLE with you. He is not interested in YOU, in you as a whole. He may be either after just one facet of you, like for instance your looks, or your intellect, or after something you have. You can also suspect he is too shallow a person, or too lazy. You do not want that.

What Attracts Men: the Prospect of a Better World Through a Woman’s Touch

To conclude, what attracts men is truthfulness, self-confidence and self-love, and femininity. These are key attributes that point to motherhood, the most powerful symbol of home safety, which men need to compensate for their constant struggle outdoors. Being born out of a mother is an undeniable truth. All men are born of a woman. A self-confident mother is a prerequisite of a child’s safety. This is a universe men want at home. Take ‘at home’ as their most intimate place, their WHOLE together with a woman. Seeing this promise in YOU is what attracts men.

Remember, the only way to offer men this is to be your true feminine self and to love yourself. Love yourself, and you will love the world. Love the world, and you will conquer it. Conquer the world, and you will have a chance at making it a better one. This is my motto, and I am sure men want a better world too. At the end of the day, this is what attracts men: the prospect of a better world through a woman’s touch.

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