Tips to Go Gym Easy and Never Let Go

Tips to Go Gym Easy and Never Let Go

Go gym is the most active collocation I can think of.

The verb go alone is so pleasantly and healthily activating. It points to movement, change, and direction at the same time. Movement is life, change is growth, and direction is sanity. I’ve said it: go young.

Go Gym

Go gym is everything above, brought to a higher level of intensity and harmony. It translates as growing young sooner and better. See my no.5 action tip to stay young.

Apart from this, go gym equals smooth socializing. What a wonderful feeling of belonging to a powerful league of free willers. There’s no smoother way to blend in than by having the same target of choice. Now tell me, what can give you a more powerful sense of freedom while working on a project? It is when the object of your endeavor is your own mind and body. When your goal is a youthful, active mindset and body. This is powerful also because you are the supreme master, group or personal trainer or not.

Master Go Gym Wisely

If somebody asked you what the most difficult part about working out at the gym is, you’d probably scan your mind for things related to the workout proper. Well, contrary to what you might think, for many people it is getting there which is problematic. This is the first and most difficult obstacle you have to overcome in order to go gym.

You are the supreme master of your body transformation, right. This is so heavenly great. On the other hand though, it charges you with responsibility. So take care what kind of master you are. A wise master is understanding as much as consistent. Consistency is key when you want to get the expected results.


Tips to Go Gym 

I’ll give you some tips to help you solve the difficult part, the mind block to getting out of home and getting to the gym.

1. Go Gym Easy

Make your gym sessions as easy and pleasant to suit your taste and physical capacities. Start with breathing exercises and some cardio, according to your physical condition and level of training.

Go for a progressive number of rounds of the same exercise from one session to another until you reach the recommended number, 2 – 4. For example, if the recommended number is 4, perform one round only during your first two sessions, two rounds during the following 2 – 3 sessions, and three rounds during the following 2 – 3 sessions. By then it is time to start doing all the four recommended rounds. Yet, this is not a rule. Adapt the number of rounds to your physical capacities and perform all the recommended ones only when you are ready. If you’re never ready for that, then do whatever number of rounds suits you.

Take a minimum 60 second break between rounds and a minimum two minute break between different exercises. And take a longer break when needed.

Adapt duration of gym sessions to your day’s agenda and, again, to your physical capacities. Also, remember that you are more likely to forge a go gym mindset if your sessions are comfortably long and not excessively so.

2. Go Gym Direct

Plan in advance what exercises to do and about how long they will take, warm-up, breaks and all. First of all it is sanitary and directional. With a clear mind as what to do you won’t waste time and energy on lame or unnecessary activities.

Secondly, it builds drive for strive. Your mind will be less prone to corruption when everything’s planned. After all it’s a lot easier to wedge in your day’s agenda something already knotted together than some loose ends.

Thus anti-go gym thoughts are hardly likely to occur. Going to the gym will never stand in your way, but gradually build your way.


3. Go Gym Hell-Bent

Set a goal. This has a lot to do with planning again. In a previous article I advised you strongly to turn going to the gym into one of your peasant routines. But how can you do that?

Well, setting an overall goal makes it not only possible, but simple. And it gets even easier when you break that goal into smaller, readily achievable ones. Let’s say that your portmanteau goal is to have an amazing body. Smaller goals would be: lose some weight, achieve muscle definition, strengthen your midsection, get an enviable abdomen, shape your legs. Of course, a balanced approach will help you achieve a little on all fronts, but each phase of your workout program should focus on one sub-goal. This ensures a whole string of satisfying results on the way to attaining the big goal. It is satisfaction that keeps you going. Literally going to the gym. Once you have got the amazing body you envisaged, you want more and better, so resume training on a higher level, in endless cycles to give you ever growing satisfaction.


4. Go Gym as Planned

As usual with planning, there is need of time framing. Although I encouraged you to measure time by the deadlines of your projected achievements, plans require some conventional time frames. We can afford to resort to the tempo of conventional time for discipline and unabated application.

Therefore it is advisable to relate your goals to some units of time. It is up to you when to expect the projected results. You can always readjust this aspect according to a series of variables: physical capacities, health condition, family life, work requirements, unanticipated events etc. Be reasonable though. On the one hand, do not set unrealistic expectations or unreasonable time frames. Disappointment is a great stopper. On the other hand, do not look for reasons to make unnecessary readjustments. You will not get anywhere. Small comfortable steps are key provided they are consistent.

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