3 Fundamental Tips to Be Young despite Time

3 Fundamental Tips to Be Young despite Time

To be young is a state of mind and a way of life. Extended youth is not a myth. Youth comes from within, no matter your age. When you become aware of this you can be young despite time.

Although it is said that the child in us never changes, there are so many stereotypes and there is so much negative thinking about age that that child’s voice gets barely audible with time. You should never let that happen. So here are three fundamental tips to stay young within in order to enjoy extended youth.

  1. Converse with the child in you every day.

Be Young at Soul

Have you ever found yourself looking up at the skies in childlike amazement? And wondering why on earth you do not do that more often? I know, your daily routine and your indoor nights hinder this simple way of communing with father universe. Remember that as a child you used to do that.


Here is a powerful piece of knowledge that can help you be young within: for the universe you are the same child forever. So keep addressing it as an exercise in youth. Be young at soul and never lose your inborn purity and freshness.

You should also know that wonder is a powerful sign of youth. Therefore you are young as long as you can still be fascinated with mystery.

Act and Be Young

Do you know that by looking at your feet and feeling your soles as they step on the ground you can enhance connection with mother earth? Tell me, how often do you do that? Of course, it is almost impossible to walk the urban landscape like that, with all the rush to and fro. And surely not recommended, as it can be dangerous. But you can get some time to do so while strolling in a park, or in your own garden. In fact, this is a very simple technique to strengthen your Root Chakra and feel grounded. Thus you will be more likely to put into practice your mental designs and make your most ambitious dreams come true. Entrepreneurial venture is a characteristic of youth. So, no matter your age, you can act and be young.

Address Your Inner Child

As much as you forget, or simply do not have time, to communicate with the sky and the earth, you neglect conversing with your inner child. Have a look at yourself in the mirror and try to see it. The child is still there.

Get into the habit of trying to distinguish that child’s features into your reflection in the mirror. With time, they will infuse your present features with youthful spirit and serenity.

Younger Than You Think

Before falling asleep at night, recollect what that child used to like, or dream of. Ask her/him a question, and see what the answer is. Your child self is closer to the true YOU than your mature self. And it stays forever young.

Such conversations will reveal an amazing truth: you are a lot younger than you think. Also, you will be amazed to discover that your beliefs and dreams are as fresh as ever. It is never too late to realize that. And it is never too late to make your dreams come true. So take some action and this rediscovered youthful power will lend you a helping hand. Involving your child self into your life is key to extended youth.


  1. Never think of your age.

Ever since a child, you grow up in an age-conscious society. Everything is proper at the right age or improper at a different one. Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock of your aging process is constantly rushing you through life. Please, do not listen to it. The only ticking you should listen to is that of your dreams and passions. Of your ‘heart’, so to speak. Measure time by the deadlines of your projected achievements. Live your life at your own pace, from one accomplishment to the next one.

Convert Aging into Growing

From one level of you to the next one, you do not age, but grow. Try to make this crucial mental conversion, and you will see the outcome: refreshed attitude to life and regained desire for achievements. Not only will you feel younger, or young again, but you will have energy and drive to never stop taking action. Take action to keep healthy, fit, and strong, and accomplish new things in your line of activity, interest, or passion.

And when it is time to take a break, you are not old, but just tired. So get some rest, recharge your batteries, recover your youthful looks, and start life all over again headed for the next level.

Amazed Feedback Feels Amazing

Always reinvent yourself. In each new phase of your life people should see a different you, always better, always more powerful. Getting amazed feedback feels amazingly good and gives you fuel to go on.

And if you don’t achieve that much in one particular phase, it doesn’t mean you are less powerful. Do not care about what the others say. It is just a different you in a different phase of your life. Always keep in mind that youth does not exclude relaxation.

  1. Never think of the passing of time.

Time is relative. We all know that by now. And you also know that this does not mean you should relate everything you do to measurements of time. On the contrary, it gives you freedom to relate your activities to your own system of progress measurement. Set yourself deadlines, but do not think of them as days and weeks and months that pass. Just think of dates. It is the same with outer deadlines, imposed on you by some external factors, depending on your job, profession, or current project. These are simply dates, not time constraints. By the way, try to avoid this word. It is utterly negative stress-wise. But between dates, you have a sea of time to bathe in, wiggle and undulate. Just imagine that, if you want to be young.


Your Time Is Infinite

Enjoy each and every minute of your life as though you had an infinity of them ahead. Wallow in an ocean of time. Your time is infinite. As much as time itself is. In fact time is something we humans have invented in order to put some order into our existence on earth. If time is an illusion, than think of yours as one. Or simply forget about it.

Think of your life like that: there is an abundance of time for you to make all your dreams come true. This will also keep your mind peaceful and focused on whatever project you are involved in at the present moment. Not only will you carry out the project successfully, but you will enjoy stronger health and an ever younger appearance.

No Time, No Stress, No Age Load

How come, you might wonder? Well, stress brings about a lot of health problems and it can make you fat and ugly. It tempers with your inner pH and has a disastrous impact on the quality and beauty of your skin, hair and nails. Moreover, it turns you into an irritable, ill-tempered person, whose tense facial muscles can add loads of years to your appearance. On the other hand, peace of mind relaxes and beautifies anyone’s features, to say nothing of the extraordinary health benefits.

To Be Young Is a Lifestyle

In conclusion, to be young is a way of living the youthful potential within you, which is practically infinite. Don’t let it lie dormant. Let it be as active as ever to be young forever.

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