How Tapping Works to Solve your Problems

How Tapping Works to Solve your Problems

Tapping or EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is a relatively new technique. Tapping works on the same principle as acupuncture and acupressure. It also involves mantras and visualization.

What Tapping Can Do

Tapping can be used to solve problems like stress, physical pain, sleeping and eating disorders, depression, phobias, addictions, you name it. You can also apply it to release negative energies, build self-confidence, improve self-esteem, as well as gain clarity upon some past events, which with time will help you get over some hidden sources of pain, either mental or physical.

And here is a side benefit: through tapping you will get to better understand your body and its needs, to love and respect it, which will eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Tapping Works

Tapping works primarily because it gets to the root of our problems. Through tapping you go beyond the pain, be it physical or mental, you reach, discover and can directly operate on its source. It is the only way to solve a problem. That is why this technique is so effective.

Many times tapping works better than other complementary and alternative techniques such as meditation, yoga, reiki, massage, music therapy or aromatherapy. It is really simple and you can even do it yourself after a little training, and if it is not a complex problem.

How Tapping Works

What you do is tap with the tips of your fingers, usually the index and middle ones, on some specific energy meridian points, the same used in acupuncture and acupressure. While doing so, you utter specific sequences of words, in relation to the problem you want to solve. By tapping on the energy points you activate your own body’s healing powers, while uttering the specific words will help these healing powers focus on the problem.

Here is how tapping works. This technique resorts to the earliest part of our brain, the amygdalae, responsible for our reactions in crisis situations. That is why it is also called the center of the ‘fight or flight’ response. The amygdalae are a pair of tiny almond-shaped sections of nervous tissue, situated in the temporal lobes, one amygdala on the right side, and the other one on the left side of the brain. The pair of amygdalae is part of the limbic system, which is responsible for emotions, survival instincts and memory.

The amygdalae are the key to the way in which we perceive emotions like fear, anger, or sadness, and also the center that controls our reactions when we are in danger. Apart from these roles, this section of the brain is our storage of memories of past events and emotions. This allows us to easily recognize similar events whenever we come across them and to react accordingly. It is what I call ‘provisional egos’ which turn into egos with recurrent similar experiences.


Tapping Works against Toxic Memories

Many times past memories, be they pleasant or not, can keep us from living into the present moment. I could say some memories may even be toxic. For example, our pleasant memories of a past relationship may block our openness to a new one, or our unpleasant memories of an incident might give us a phobia. Moreover, we can develop patterns of reaction – feelings, moods, or physical reactions. These patterns, which sometimes turn into egos, lead to inappropriate responses, overreaction, or unnecessary pain.

By tapping into the amygdalae, we tap into past emotions, behavioral patterns, egos, into the sources of our anger, of unexplained fears and phobias, of addictions, stress, or depression. The key is there, where the source of all these feelings and reactions is. That is why tapping works.

Tap to Free Yourself of the Past and Be Young Again

I am going to invite you to tap with me in order to fall asleep easily and improve the quality of your sleep, also in order to gain more self-confidence, or to get over past negative emotions and memories of past relationships. Tap with me to free yourself and start anew.

Why would you do all these, you may wonder? In order to grow younger, this is the answer. Maintaining youth, or better, growing younger, is the simple solution to most health problems and the key to a fulfilling existence.

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