Music Is a Medium Which Connects

Music Is a Medium Which Connects

Why should you choose a musical background when doing exercises to connect to your SELF?

Music is also a stimulus. But so are all the other things around you, no matter what place you choose where to exercise, and so is the very feel of the air you breathe. We live in a physical world, after all, we live in physical bodies, and that is a fact. We cannot rule out physicality completely, even when it comes to such exercises as meditation, visualization, or free movement. The least we can do is reduce their impact on our SELVES to a possible minimum, which minimum decreases only with practicing.

Why music? Even though experienced masters may easily detach themselves from all that is physical, novices or people like us, who just want to integrate such processes into our lives in order to achieve some practical goals, do need some kind of facilitating medium. If everything is energy, then music is that kind of energy which contains at least the two markers of the universe almost everyone agrees on: pattern and infinity. As patterned as music may be, these patterns could add to one another into an infinite sequence. Perhaps that is why musical pieces traditionally close in a conspicuously disruptive, end-point manner. There would be no closure otherwise. And first time listeners would probably not know when to burst into applause. More modern pieces may stop when you least expect, in the middle of a pattern in the string, either at the peak of momentum, or at the start of a whispered sound. Does that not leave the audience with a feeling of frustration, as why has the flow been interrupted? This is their immediate reaction, followed by a sense of freedom: the music goes on.


Pattern and freedom are so beneficial because they are so very natural, they are the guidelines of the universe. You cannot be stressed as long as you follow a pattern and feel free at the same time. Pattern brings order into your life, into both your mind and your body, and freedom releases any blocks that might keep you from channeling the energy of your SELF into the energy of the universe. Once you are in tune with this energy, you become harmonic. Harmony integrates you. You feel you belong to your SELF, to the whole community of people out there, to the universe. Music is a medium which connects.


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