No Country for Adam and Eve

No Country for Adam and Eve

No country this and no country that. This collocation will soon turn homey. What used to be normal will find no country.

In a planetary cauldron, old norms are being challenged—boiled, warped, melted, tortured. But this unsavory seething broth feeds confusion.

I, for instance, foresee myself shy to rank with either of the clichéd genders.

Identifying yourself as female or male will become a thing of the past. No longer normal, therefore.

Liberation of gender definition

OK, I dump the dual dilemma. But what shall I pick since the choice is mind-boggling?

In a world of acknowledged diversity, people dare define their gender by mixing masculine and feminine in a variety of proportions.

Excellent. A welcomed liberation, flowing with the overall trend of going back to archetypal roots. To immemorial roots before Adam and Eve, to prehistory, when the earth was a formless void. The primordial androgynous being is beckoning us to a portal into pre-existence.

No country for Adam and Eve

With the global identity freedom race, Adam and Eve have become obsolete archetypes. If I call myself a woman, nowadays I trigger an array of responses: apathy, lust, disgust, laughter, revolt. I fear stirring debates or rebellions.

Either … or is no longer cut out for normal. Who knows, though, how much woman I am and how much man?

Amid a clutter of universes, I may choose to evade beyond the so-called known one, based on duality. At a poly-universal scale, I am anything but dual.

How about the uncertainty principle? Quantum physics accepts warped and random. The universe we have for millennia endeavored to comprehend pops out of duality, only to baffle us..

Country for Adam and Eve.

Other universes’ stars

We cannot rule out a humane truth proven by our mundane existence: freedom implies responsibility. Defining ourselves is on us if we decline God’s offer to bring order into this world. Whoever feels God’s tailoring doesn’t suit them is free to take this burden on themselves. To comply with post-post-post-modernity.

However, the question is, should they? According to God’s laws, not. It’s a sin.

But there rises another question. Is God the ruler of all universes out there? What if a different god rules each universe? What if these modern rebels, opening to an infinity of possibilities, wish to relate themselves to other universal authorities? They may be this universe’s sinners, while other universes’ stars.

The problem is they cannot pinpoint whose stars. Therefore, amble lost in space. In an oxymoronic image, hordes of humans travel light across universes, yet carrying the heavy burden of self-definition. The freer the heavier the burden.

Heaviness, though, has nothing to do with empty spaces. Shall I presume the self-defining lost their earthly roots? As much as freedom is a blessing, lack of grounding sends you flying. An abnormality for humans.

Duality: God’s blessing

Another possibility stands. God is ONE, yet, in His universal wisdom, kindness, and understanding, He blessed us with duality for simplicity reasons. He gave us a helping hand to ease our existence.

He chose a simple pattern to suit humankind in its infancy. Simple, frail, unaware of the complexity of the universe where they came into existence. At a microscale, we do the same with newborns. We protect their minds from intricacies and wake them to the real world step by step.

A time comes, though, when any human searches for answers themselves. Often, youths outsmart grownups in this quest. Understandable, since they benefit from previous generations’ knowledge and experience

Shall we ask God for a revision?

Has humankind reached that level of inquisitiveness to question the appropriateness of God’s initial design? Is humankind mature enough to challenge traditional normality and ask God for a revision?

Some churches already asked. I wonder what their application form read. Did they solicit a revision? Or they took the liberty without asking?

Churches and faith have evolved along history, and turning points caused turmoil. Are we on the threshold of a global revolution in terms of gender identity against God?

Our descendants will find and record the answer in history ebooks, microchips, or whatever device. For our contemporaries, the immediate question reads simple. To dare declare their gender identities as either male or female is acceptable?

Application forms still invite them to play dual, and so do door signs on public toilets. But for how long, I wonder?

Two youths on city street. Planet Earth is country for humans of inconceivable combinations of gender.

No country for normality

Faced with the new normal humans’ aggressive public exposure, allow me to fear a violent revolution and a future exclusion of Adams and Eves.

By new, I do not mean gay or hermaphrodite or bisexual or transsexual or any conceivable or inconceivable combination. Loud individuals scare me, who march on streets making graphic gestures while crying out who they prefer having sex with.

People like me are shy to show and militate for their sexual choices. Does that mean we are not normal? Although I may be gay myself, or not have yet found my sexual identity, I’ll never flaunt my underwear in the public square.

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