The Secret to Attracting – One Thing Only

The Secret to Attracting – One Thing Only

If anything about a woman’s presence counts – appearance, attire, attitude, posture and gate, or voice, it is ONE thing that makes a difference. This stands true about any human being, as a matter of fact, no matter if they are women or men.

This ONE thing, inappropriately but necessarily denominated as ‘thing’, is the most powerful attractive force you have, first of all because it is yours and only yours and nobody and nothing can interfere with it, or take it from you, it is immutable. It is the marker of uniqueness. Uniqueness triggers curiosity and interest, it magnetizes. You are born with this marker, which is your SELF.

In order to connect successfully with people, with the world, you must be connected to your SELF in the first place. There are many ways in which you can do it: visualization, meditation, yoga, working with chi and your chakras, tapping, mantras, writing or drawing. These methods are applied with various purposes, like releasing stress, balancing your energies, or getting clarity of thought. But first of all, you should get clarity upon your SELF, and you may have already applied some of these processes in order to do so, without even knowing you were doing it, or without putting a name to the process you were using. Visualization, meditation, mantras, writing or drawing are naturally at hand when we feel we need some time with ourselves, or when we sometimes quite unwillingly try to get access to our SELVES, pushed by some subconscious drive. As you probably already know, our subconscious is always there for us, to protect us or aid us in certain situations, and it is a lot more powerful than our conscious mind. It is our best and most loyal friend, and we can call it our SELF.


If I look back at my life, I can say I had conversations with my SELF as early as my childhood. I have often applied visualization, meditation, and mantras, and I did so even before I even heard about them, or read about them, or knew they had a name. I simply discovered these methods by myself, experienced them, and enjoyed the benefits long before I started to study how they work and how they can be put to work in your favor methodically and in an integrated way. To my mind, this is the best approach to anything you want to learn, as with foreign languages, for example. You immerse yourself in a bath of language first, and then you learn systematically about its workings, the functions of various structures, you enrich your vocabulary, and polish everything up with style. This is the natural way, following the exact steps you go through to reach eloquence in your mother tongue. Most importantly of all, this is a never ending process, as there is always room for improvement. This should rule out any grimness and impatience about getting to an end point, as there is no such thing. Just enjoy the ride, from one stop to another, one phase to the next one, no matter the purpose, happy with each achievement on the way, happy with yourself each and every minute of your life. Peace of mind and energy to go on are thus ensured, as remember, you should be persistent.

It is the same with discovering your SELF. Yes, you can imagine there is an end point where you will get to it, but that just in order to fuel your search, which should be unrelenting. You will be amazed at what you may discover on the road, at the limitless potential of your SELF. The more you know about your SELF, the closer you get to the realization that it is infinite. Your SELF, in its uniqueness, is as infinite as the universe. You will also sense that it is in perfect harmony with the universe. That is why it is only your SELF that can connect you there. Whenever you converse with your SELF, you get automatically in tune with the beneficial energy lines of the universe.

In future posts, I will give you some simple tips on how to easily connect with your SELF.


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