Decorate Your Bedroom For a Good Night’s Sleep – AIR

Decorate Your Bedroom For a Good Night’s Sleep – AIR

Air is an important element for sleep. Energy flows swiftly through its medium, air suspends and sways, air soars. Air oxygenates your blood, and helps nourish all the cells in your body.

Color White

White should be present all around your bedroom, either pure, in creamy relaxing shades like milk, cream, beige, floral or vanilla, or in various other shades.

You may opt for an all-white decor, where everything, with no exception, is white: the walls, the pieces of furniture, the bed covers and cushions, the curtains, the picture frames, and all the decorative objects, including flowers. We suggest white roses, white tulips, white lilac, gardenias, jasmine flowers, peace lilies, or daisies. As you cannot find everything in the exact same white, try to stick to either all cold whites (white smoke, azure white) or all warm whites (eggshell, cream, beige, ecru, vanilla). Or to what I call in-between whites, neither cold nor warm, like snow, floral, lavender, seashell, champagne, ivory, or linen white.

sterile white bedroom

Contrasting white with one other dominant hue is as stylish and appeasing. To keep the interior harmonious, this other color should be in the same range of warmth or coldness as the type of white of your choice. As long as the contrast is visible, it can be an off-white color – cream, beige, linen, vanilla, lavender, ecru, etc. For example: lavender white-lavender; light cream-vanilla; light beige-ecru; milk white-ecru; Navajo white-medium/deep champagne; ecru-dark champagne. Also, the contrasting color can be any combination of hues toned down with a little black and preferably a lot of white – browns, sand, amber, peach, apricot, lilac, pale violet, jade or olive green, pale azure, teal, etc. Here are some examples of pairing whites with other colors: linen/lavender white-lilac/mauve; vanilla-amber; ivory/light cream-peach; ecru-brass; ecru-olive/dark khaki. This contrast should be apparent especially between the color of the walls and that of the furniture. You can choose one or two (how many more is up to your taste) decorative objects in a bright, more daring variant of the contrasting color, along with white pieces.


Three different colors is acceptable, of which one should be white. For example, you can have: white walls, white and amber pieces of furniture, a few amber decorative objects, and two blue ones to stand out; or amber walls, white furniture, white decorative pieces, and two blue ones; or peach walls, yellow birch pearly finish furniture, and white decorative objects only. Here are more combinations I like, of which the third element refers to the extra touch of color: cream-peach-violet; white-ecru-emerald green/lilac; white-khaki-mauve/amber. Any combination which is harmonious and makes you feel good works.

Airy Feel

Fresh, lightly scented air invites and secures good sleep. First of all, your bedroom should be well ventilated. No matter the season, you should air it daily, morning and evening. Create a nice, tidy environment, with not too many things around, to allow air to flow freely, giving you the impression of ample, pristine space. Try not to keep the clothes you have been wearing during the day in your bedroom overnight. They may be charged with energies you do not want in your ‘sanctuary’.

Textures can give this airy feeling as well. There should be some flimsy, gauzy fabrics around, or some lace or silk, on the bed, on an armchair, the curtains or drapes at the window. Then, there should be at least one element of decor that floats or swings, like a silk bed cover, or an airy curtain. You are also part of this decor, therefore make sure your pajamas or nightdress flow nicely and comfortably around your body.

Elegant White Bedroom Rug Curtain Classic Chair Russian Interior Design


Scents have this miraculous, yet discreet power to integrate all the elements of an interior decor. Fresh, light scented aromas should permeate your bedroom, coming from all-natural sources. Apart from your freshly washed bed linen, I recommend natural rose water, flowers, spices, aromatic leaves and fruit, either fresh or dried.


Before going to sleep, spray a puff of natural rose water in the air above the bed, one over your body, and one on your face. Keep lavender blossoms in small decorative containers, or add them to your home-made potpourri of dried fruit, flowers, herbs and spices.

Cut flowers or pot flowers will enhance the aesthetics and overall feel of the bedroom, as well as the quality of your sleep. Lavender, Jasmine, Gardenia, Aloe Vera, and Peace Lily are among the best choices. Lavender, Jasmine, and Gardenia are recommended for their relaxing properties, while the last two have been proved to purify the air in a room. They all can be kept in pots. The Valerian plant is as good, but it grows too tall to keep in your bedroom.

In winter you can keep some fresh fruit and/or leaves on a nice plate in your bedroom, like quinces, apples or citrus fruit. Do not place them close to a heat source and remember to replace them before they begin to rot.  You can add to this decor some cloves, some cinnamon sticks and some aromatic leaves: lemon, bay, mint, rosemary, juniper, or pine.

Do not burn candles or incense in your room before or while sleeping. If you want to enjoy the mystery of such effects, then you should make your retreat earlier and always air the space afterwards. Use DIY incense and candles to make sure they are all natural. As for Essential oils, they do have a lot of benefits, but you should use them with care, or better consult a specialist.


You are graceful anyway, but remember that as you enter your bedroom for the night. You are the queen of that room, naturally suave and light-footed, retreating into your pure sanctuary to give yourself over to the soothing embrace of sleep.

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