A Stop Is Just a Respite to Allow You to Exercise and Go On

A Stop Is Just a Respite to Allow You to Exercise and Go On

Thinking back of my blessed encounter with Edward Barrett Warman’s book, I can single out one particular moment which signaled my being ripe for that encounter.

A Stop Is Just a Respite

It was a bleak chilly evening of autumn or early spring, and I was at a stop in town waiting for a tram to take me home. I could feel coldness taking hold of my whole body as the harsh wind was getting right through my bones, making my chest to shrink in defense. All I did was keep praying a means of transport would come at once and extract me from that spot to shelter.

An exercise of allowing

But then I thought what if I found salvation within myself, wondering why should I let the elements get hold of me, and why should I crouch defeated, when I could simply try to confront them, valiant. I imagined myself powerful, and my body strong, so I straightened up. It was then when it struck me that I was one with the wind, I was part of the elements, so I started an exercise of allowing, of integration into the surrounding picture. Just by magic, I could not feel the cold any longer. Warmth had started to chip it away from both the extremities of my body and the heart, concomitantly. With my newly gained comfort and confidence, upright and tall, I began to walk impassibly among the other people who were waiting there, showing off my surprising capacities, one might think. But it was not pride that impelled me to do that. I was somehow wishing they could model me and do the same exercise just in order to stop trembling and allow warmth to permeate them.

Yes, I was nothing like proud. I was simply amazed at the body’s potential to adapt itself to just about any physical circumstances, no matter how harsh they might be, if the mind let go of preconceptions or conditioned reflexes, like when it is cold, you automatically have to act in defense and respond by shaking.

Be Creative When You Exercise

This response is, in my opinion, just one of your egos, once a provisional one, which has turned into a template due to recurrent similar experiences. These egos, as I mentioned in a previous post, can help you cope swiftly with a situation. They are always there for you in a kind of tool box, or emergency kit, ready at hand to support or protect you. But be free to create a new provisional ego any time you see what you already have does not yield results. Connect yourself to the unique source of energy that is, and allow it to help you create a new ego, a new type of response.

A stop for creative exercise

A Type of Exercise Which Beats Good Sense

Your SELF is creative, as it is always connected to the source of infinite possibilities. But until you educate yourself to instantly connect to your SELF, and through it, to that source, you can practice with what I call ‘provisional egos’. After all, education can only be completed by practice. And remember that it is creativity which makes a difference, which can help you step up onto a NEXT level of YOU. Let yourself be as creative as your SELF.

I receive my daily horoscope from a website I have subscribed to just for fun, and do you know how today’s reading ends?

As Picasso wrote, “The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”


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