How to Shine this Summer – Be Yourself

How to Shine this Summer – Be Yourself

How to shine this summer? It is a natural question to ask yourself, since you need more sparkle to stand out when everything else seems to shine. Sunshine is glorious, waters are shimmering, bare skin radiates glistening sensuality at every corner.

How to Shine this Summer – Be Yourself

Summertime invites you to freedom. To my summer’s mind, freedom means feeling, looking, and acting natural.

How to shine this summer? Here is a simple answer: leave self-consciousness aside and mingle in nature. Although literally mingling in nature will help, what I mean here is show off your true nature. Therefore feel free to be and act yourself.

How to Shine this Summer – Be a Trend-Setter  

Get wildly natural and mingle with people. But, you know, people are most of times more demanding than nature. This is because they always try to keep up appearances and will expect the same of you.

Turn into a trend-setter this summer! Why should you not be the one to initiate the estival game of freedom? You can help friends and family accommodate themselves to their own true nature. Believe me, they will love that. And they will love you.

People love freedom. It’s in their nature. The only thing is they usually wait for others to invite them to indulge in its benefits.

How to Shine this Summer – Love Yourself  

To be a trend-setter, you have to model the trend. Be a role-model for summer freedom and sparkle. You don’t have to look perfect. Feeling good in your skin is the trick. Self-confidence attracts, remember? It is a sign of love. Love for yourself first of all, which will trigger a huge capacity to spray love all around you.

Showered upon by these confetti of love, everyone will look at you as at a queen. A generous queen who shines high in her seat of power.

This is why I believe that if you love yourself, you will love people. And if you love people, you will conquer them.

How to Shine this Summer – Conquer the World

I think that if you conquer one sole person can sometimes feel like conquering the whole world. This is what we all have experienced, pure love. Also, there might be cases when you have the world at your feet just by conquering one person only. It depends on the person.

But there is more to it. The more people you conquer, the closer you get to conquering the world through your own innate powers. Because the world means people. This is what stars do. It may be a gift of artistic talent, of psychological insight, of wisdom, or of love and care for the others.

©Photograph live PL - Ben Scott photography - Sydney fashion photographer
©Photograph live PL – Ben Scott photography – Sydney fashion photographer

Shine this Summer and Become a Star

Even if you are not a star, you can become one. Be one this summer. At least try some practice. You can be a star in your family, in your group of friends, or in your community. Be yourself and shine through. You will get their attention. This is a first step to prepare the stage for your next act, sharing your natural talents. Once you’ve conquered them, they will listen to you.

How to Shine this Summer – Practical Hints Coming Soon

In future articles I’ll share some practical hints for you to shine this summer. Looking your best does not mean looking fake, on the contrary. Therefore there’s nothing shallow about it. It is the same with attracting attention. It is simply a sign you have something to say. This proves you are a generous nature.

This is why I love summer. It invites freedom and generosity.

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