Best Shoes to Wear to a Job Interview

Best Shoes to Wear to a Job Interview

A job interview is a challenging opportunity. It challenges your ability to enter a new chapter of your career.

No matter the result, a job interview marks a turning point in your life. The very determination to start anew points back to completion of a phase in your development and also forward to a change. Preferably for the better.

It is a perfect time for expression to make a favorable impression. Expression is about truth by all means and only when it meets the addressee’s requirements will it make the right impression. Therefore you should not struggle to appear other than you really are. You will create false impressions and expectations, also depending on the interviewers’ insight and expertise. The only thing you should do is aim for the right position for you.

Foreground Content

However, there are some general sensible rules about the way you turn up for a job interview. No artistic impression and no exaggeration. And this includes your attire. Keeping a low profile of your attire will leave room for your other values to stand out.

This low profile is nothing like actually low. Rather, it should have the exact quality to showcase whatever you want to express. The frame should always keep the content foregrounded.


Best Shoes to Wear to a Job Interview

Footwear can make a powerful frame. That is why you should choose it with care. Here follow the best shoes to wear to a job interview.

Pure Line Shoes

Preferably, it should be shoes, not boots or sandals. Well, let’s say that boots are acceptable as long as they are short and keep a simple line. And so could be half-opened shoes. But no matter the type of footwear you put on, avoid heel or toe openings. Anyway, a job interview will progress more smoothly for you in decent, pure line shoes.



Footwear should be always in perfect condition, clean and neat. First of all this shows consideration for your own person and for the people in front of you. It also induces the idea that you have a clear, organized mind. Moreover, it is a case of cause and effect put into good practice. Proper order of the realia surrounding you will organize your thoughts in the same key.

Not Out the Box

By no means should you break into new shoes on this occasion. It is very likely to show. Your shoes are not a kind of Jack-in-the-box which pops out for a funny scare. As, yes, this could be a funny situation to scare the interviewers’ interest away. Out the box footwear is more than artistic impression. It can turn ridiculous. To say nothing of the possible pain it might inflict on your feet, with a negative impact on your overall performance.


Also, make sure the shoes you wear are either moderately fashionable or classic pieces. Your presence at a job interview is not a show off of the latest fashions. Unless, let’s say, you are there for a marketing position and wish to make an interesting original point. Well, if you want to enroll into a fashion design company, you could wear a dernier crie style, but still try to add a personal note, like an ornamental detail or the very way in which you walk in those shoes. Walk with ease and a tell-tale attitude.

Not Outdated

However, do not go for the other extreme. Totally out of fashion is definitely not recommended. Unless, again, you want to make some kind of appropriate statement. And this in the case where the job has something to do with art, creativity, or humor. You still take a great risk. It can either land or fail you the job.

The Right Spice Combination

The style and color of the shoes you wear for a job interview should suit your personality and go with the other elements of your outfit. But most importantly, they should pair together to promote you as the right person who resonates with the job. You should not walk on exaggeratedly high or thin heels and flaunt loud colors. There are more refined ways to spice things up in tune with what you think is required. And one of them is to choose astutely the combination style-color in your shoes.


No Ornaments

Last but not least, take into account the fact that ornaments are not powerful. On the contrary, they express neediness. It is the way you feel and walk in your shoes that can make the right statement of power on your behalf. And by right I mean neither weak nor overpowering.

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