10 Style Tips for Summer WOW Effect 2016

10 Style Tips for Summer WOW Effect 2016

Perfect, attract, effect! Wow people this summer and feel great! My tips for summer WOW effect 2016 might help you leave self-consciousness aside and mingle in society like a star.

Look like a star, act like a star, and feel like one. Or better, quite the other way round: feel, act, and you will definitely look like a star.


You are just perfect, but you still need to perfect some bits and pieces in a few areas. Although you know what to do, I have given you some suggestions in previous posts. Start by loving yourself and find your inner perfection. Trust its power, and all the other things will come naturally. Therefore take care of your body and face, and enhance self-confidence.


Shine this summer, and you will attract attention. Shine like a star, from within, and you will attract love. The secret is simpler than you think: be yourself.


When you attract love, everything you say will impact the listener. Your ideas and beliefs will have an effect on other people’s lives.

10 Tips for Summer WOW Effect 2016

In spite of all these beautiful things, it is still quite hard to stand out from the crowd of attractive-powerful-beautiful women, especially in summertime. They all have something to say, and will do anything to have people listen. Here is where the summer WOW effect comes in.

  1. Flaunt Statement Lips

Either white with thick-textured sunscreen or extremely sparkly, they should look sunnier than any other woman’s lips.

  1. Bare Your Legs

An all-time winner, tanned shiny legs make a powerful summer statement. Choose from the large array of self-tanning lotions, tanning oils, oil sunscreens and body oil to intensify their natural magnetism. Don’t worry if your legs aren’t perfect. It’s confidence that attracts, not perfection.

  1. Bare Your Shoulders

Nothing looks more sensuous and feels more enviable. Luscious shoulders are the best natural way to enhance a woman’s appearance. They make more than a statement, they make a promise. Use body oil or twinkly gold body powder to highlight roundness and feminine magnetism.

  1. Keep Feet in Focus with Shimmer & Glitz

Flat or heeled, shimmering or glitzy sandals are summery, playful, and so eye-catching. They can make even thick ankles look supple and elegant, and give legs incredible length. Metallic or nude with some sparkly trims, such seductive footwear will turn you into an Arabian queen.


Youthful and elfish or whatever on-lookers might imagine, sandals with coiled shaft straps wrapped around the legs would definitely make an impression, therefore a summer WOW effect.

I would go for metallic block heel sandals this summer, either nude or light gold with some crystal trim.

  1. Wear NO Makeup at All

You are sure to create a wow effect if you expose the natural summer beauty of your face. High quality face care products for hydration, nutrition, and sun protection will do. They work together to give an irresistible, natural gloss to your skin and provoke the envy of any lightly or heavily made up woman.

Use two different tints of sun cream, applying the darker shade right under your cheek bones. Put on your lips a thick opaque sun screen for an intense summer WOW effect.

  1. Wow with a Hairstyle of Your Own Design

It has to be unique, something no one has seen before. The only way to achieve that is to do it yourself. If you have long hair it is a lot easier to put your creativity to work. You can plait it loosely on one side, or play with several tight plaits at the back of your head, on top or around it. Think of something easy to do, but make it look complicated. Let people wow and ask you who your hair stylist is.


I would not wear my hair completely loose. Use hair pins and other accessories to add to the summer WOW effect. They come in handy even with short hair. Or you can wear a turban. A statement turban, to wow the urban.

  1. Wear Something Unusual

One item on you should be reason for wonder or even concern. Let’s say a leather jacket over a summer top or bathing suit, fur trims on your sandals, or a fur cap. And how about menacingly spiky footwear or accessories? It’s up to you. Or simply… rip the frock to wow the block.

©Photograph live PL - Ben Scott photography - Sydney fashion photographer
©Photograph live PL – Ben Scott photography – Sydney fashion photographer
  1. Wear Something Metallic

Be it footwear, headdress, jewelry or an accessory, you have to have something metallic. Something on you should shine with powerful manlike energy, like a sword of light. A gold, silver or crystal anklet, or a metallic leglet coiling high up around one of your legs would surely create a summer WOW effect.


  1. Put on Some Glitter

Put on some glitzy stuff. But make sure you do not overdo it, otherwise the summer WOW effect will be dispersed and lost in the glitter-scape around.

Glitter Makeup

If it is makeup, use glitter in a balanced composition, either on face and legs, or on shoulders and legs. Or well on either face or shoulders only, wearing complementary glitzy footwear for balance. Glitzy nails are allowed anyway, if you prefer.

To highlight your face, you can use glitter on both its upper part and on the lips. You can do lips and shoulders, but all the three areas would be too much. Maybe just a light gold/silver dust under eyebrows, or a glitter eye shadow.

Apply shimmering highlighting powder under eyebrows, on the ridges of cheekbones, on temples, and only if your face is heart-shaped or too thin, on the side of jawbones. Go for loose powder. Gold or bronze dust glitter flatters tanned skin, while diamond, light gold, or silver dust is perfect for fair skin.


Glitter Nails

Not a must, but a great summer WOW effect, depending on your taste, overall attire, jewelry, and… nail artist. If you do want your nails to stand out, then don’t wear any hand or leg jewelry, except maybe for one sole non-glitzy ring in perfect accord with the nail style. A glitzy accessory or glitzy sandals are allowed.

  1. Wear NO Jewelry at All or Big Statement Pieces of Jewelry

NO Jewelry

Do not wear any jewelry at all if you look too glitzy, face, hair, footwear and all.

Also, if you want to make one other element the focus of attraction (dress, footwear, face, hairstyle, nails, an accessory).

Most importantly of all, do not wear any jewelry if you want to make a strong statement. You know what I mean. The jewel is yourself.

Other women will be shocked and feel insecure, in spite of all the pride and security they felt upon leaving home all-adorned.

Men will get interested. Deep down, their protective instinct will stir in them a dire desire to attach a talisman of power to your beautiful skin. That is for sure a star summer WOW effect.


Statement Pieces

On the other hand, in case you keep your appearance and attire all fresh and matte, without a dazzle, you can bring your mysterious self into focus by means of jewels. Wear either one impressive dazzling piece, or a dazzling assortment of jewelry to suit your nature, mood, and style, and of course, the season’s brilliant spirit. That would be a different way to create a summer WOW effect.

I’ll give you one small tip here, for a great effect: more jewelry goes better with rather loose hair. In this case, the pieces had better be more delicately fine, with diamond shine. At least this is my feel for a summer WOW effect 2016.

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