Shocking reason behind rejection of a PM nominee

Shocking reason behind rejection of a PM nominee

A shocking reason is most likely hidden. Sometimes it is also true. While people are free to imagine and fabricate a palette of shocking motives behind facts, the real ones often beat their imagination or intention.

Romanians are so used to shocking things that days without the spice of a shock are felt as bland and dull. For a nation kept in amazement by its political leaders the recent parliamentary elections came as a welcomed super shock. Starting with the political campaign, these elections, like any others, brought about shock after shock. They culminated with the aftershock of the first nominee for PM of the winning party’s leader. A one powerful man’s choice and a one man’s powerful will, versus the responsibility of the country’s President.

Propaganda in active wait

Prior to PSD leader’s nomination, the party propaganda machinery had already been handed out a list of motives of excellence to hail the announcement. No matter the name he would produce.

As soon as Sevil Shhaideh’s name was uttered, her bio was texted on propagandistic mobile phones. It was followed by a list of reasons why President Iohannis would not agree with that nomination. In the event he did not, of which they were sure. The aim of this scheme was two-sided. First it would put pressure on the President to comply. Secondly, it was a welcomed opportunity to denigrate him on purported grounds.

Purported reasons

This a priori negative campaign warmed up the people to the shock wave of rage against President Iohannis once he delivered his negative communiqué. He rejected that first nomination and would wait for a second one.

There followed an avalanche of purported reasons behind this rejection. Conducted artfully by leftist politicians and commentators, this surrealist show featured a lengthy train of conjectures concocted by common people’s fiery imagination. The President was freely accused of being, in this descending order of magnitude, a totalitarian ruler, an enemy of democracy, a misogynist and a racist. But nobody imagined the plainest reason possible. Just because it was hidden. The people, as well as most angry politicians and leftist co, had not had access to any discourse whatsoever of the nominee. That is why, as plain as it was, the most shocking reason was blocked from their minds.

The shocking reason

I’ll be shockingly short about this shocking reason. It was Liviu Dragnea himself who exposed it to public view. Therefore, see for yourself.

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