Fix Sleep Disorders to Live Longer

Fix Sleep Disorders to Live Longer

Do you regularly sleep as long as you would like to? Do you usually feel properly recharged with energy and are you really happy with the way you look upon waking up in the morning? If your answer to either of these questions is no, there must be a problem and you should do something about it. In order to enjoy life to the full, you need a good night’s sleep, so fix sleep disorders, no matter how minor they might seem. But don’t worry, ‘disorder’ is not necessarily such a big word. In most cases you just need to put some order into your life. And remember, there is always a solution to anything.

The truth is more and more people complain about the duration or quality of their sleep, so you are not alone. This is far from reassuring though, as postponing solutions to problems related to sleep can have a considerable impact on your health and on almost every aspect of your life. Therefore if you fix sleep disorders, you are sure to automatically fix other problems.

Range of Sleep Disorders

Some people have difficulties falling asleep. They might be that type of persons who worry too easily and too much about anything. Many people are too stressed out because of their lifestyle, because of too demanding jobs, or unhealthy work hours.  Others may have unsolved past issues, toxic memories, or even health issues that they are not aware of.

There are also light sleepers, people who cannot sleep profoundly and wake up too easily. They are simply born like that or so they think. Sometimes there are hidden causes of this condition, buried deep in their subconscious, either related to the present or dating back to early childhood.

The above problems fall under just one type of sleep disorders, insomnia. But there can be cases of abnormally profound sleepers, or of people who have problems staying awake during daytime, again with a variety of explanations. Other sleep problems may refer to an incapacity to stick to a sleeping routine, or to unusual behaviors during sleep, like snoring, teeth grinding or sleepwalking. You may be amazed, but sleep researchers have identified over 100 different conditions related to sleep.

Anyway, one of the most common sleep disorders is insomnia. It can be chronic or temporary, in both cases due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are medical, others have to do with lifestyle, workload, addictions, certain medications, certain events in one’s life, home environment, weather conditions, etc.


Why You Need to Fix Sleep Disorders

No matter the reasons why people have these problems, most of them want to fix sleep disorders. Healthy sleep feeds you with energy, helps your mind and body to recover after a day’s activity, keeps you healthy and fit. There is nothing that can beat good quality sleep when it comes to your acting and looking your best.

Some Exceptions

There are exceptions, of course, like those people who willingly deprive themselves of sleep. Some have this misconception that sleep takes up too much of their active time, of their life. Others either have a powerful will or cannot fight some unexplained inner drive to dedicate most of their time to their career, their passion, some hobby, or some addiction. It may well be someone, some person they adore or are obsessed with, or need to serve. Most of these cases are or lead to sleep disorders.

Another kind of exception is the case of people who are willing to sleep away weakness of character, lack of ability, failure in general. Sometimes it may be sorrow, unrequited love, misfortune, an unpleasant present, unpleasant memories, unwonted events, or any reality, past or present. People who, for various reasons, more or less easily explained, want to sleep their way through life. Some of these may be pathological cases, which need medical attention and treatment.

Fix Sleep Disorders to Live Longer

The deeper scientific studies go into understanding sleep, the more conspicuous its implications for human health and lifespan get. I have always held the opinion that sleep is the best prophylactic measure against any disease, the best complementary cure for any condition, the no. 1 youth factor, the no. 1 success activator, and the no. 1 beauty enhancer.

That is why when it comes to sleep, I never let a slight alteration develop into a problem, or a temporary disorder turn into a chronic one. I have the same advice for you: fix sleep disorders in an incipient stage to enjoy life at your full capacity. Sometimes a mere change in your lifestyle may be enough. If problems persist, you can try simple remedies offered by nature like plant infusions or aromatherapy, or alternative medicine methods like acupuncture, meditation, deep breathing, or the more recent tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

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