About Me

Viviana Ioan
Viviana Ioan

What I feel, I was born a writer. What the stars say, I am a Sagittarius.

Solar and always on the move, I have always split my life between study and traveling, writing and experimenting.

My earthly quest started with my SELF. As early as a little child I felt intrigued and fascinated by the amazing existence of a SELF in a human body and tried to imagine what my SELF could feel had it been born in a different body. Interestingly, I used to search for answers looking at the skies.

I soon got down to earth once enrolled into the education system. I enjoyed that, finding earthly answers to eternal questions. Or so I thought. With each answer I got, my interest in this world and its people increased, so I started to study psychology and physiological psychology on my own. At 12 I was a correspondent member of Clubul Psihologilor (The Psychologists’s Club), conducted by Radu Cimponeriu, without anyone having the faintest clue about my age. That was my first passion, so to speak.

Well, psychology sent me back to the skies, and I started to write. I remember I was in love with the moon by the time. Before long there was a big shift in me and I understood that what I loved most was the sun. Then there came music, dance, and languages. Everything became solar with me, my writing having shifted for the sun too. I have been solar ever since, and I consider myself a ‘solar writer’. Maybe that is why I like the motif of the sunflower.

Music can be easily seen as solar, and so does dancing, since you may well move your body to invoke it, which I gather I actually did. What about languages? They are so specifically human, and at the same time, yes, divinely human. The gift of communicating through words is so precious. It keeps us grounded, and connected to all the other fellow humans. It was the science of linguistics that taught me about the unity of all peoples and races. One people and one language, followed by what I like to refer to as ‘ontological complications’, with unity again looming in the horizon. Mankind models any individual’s existence: born simple, living complicated, getting simple at the end of the cycle. I can feel we are becoming one again, speaking one language. And because there are so many of us, new means of communication have been destined to appear as a solution to our forthcoming communion.

I have written two novels and a half, as well as a work of literary criticism. Only some chapters of my first novel, Traveling, and a few prose poems have been published, in a literary magazine. I have always postponed dealing with the technicalities of having something published. First of all, I hate them, that is the ‘technicalities’, I just want to do creative work, to be a writer. The second reason is fascinating and worth anything: traveling, experiencing new places, cultures, and people. I just lived. In Italy I became an Italian woman, in Spain I became a Spanish woman, back in my home country I was a businesswoman, then an educational manager. I loved, and still hold all these experiences dear to my heart. While living them, each time I was another me, always a better variant of me. Now I have become Next Woman, and I want to share my experience with all the women out there, and all the men alike, why not. However, the program I have devised and written is called Next Woman.