Resume writing to let your writer’s star shine

Resume writing to let your writer’s star shine

To resume writing is difficult after a lengthy period of dealing with mundane necessities or troubles. It is difficult for me and I’m writing this post to help you and myself. Let’s say hello to the dormant writers within and call them to action again.

Find the reasons

Authors pause writing for various reasons: demanding jobs, kids’ upbringing, house projects, unexpected events in the family or inspiration getting thinner to zilch. But when writing is your true calling, the more you postpone resuming it the less meaningful life becomes. Your writer’s self withers, with a negative impact on your whole well-being, your relationships, family life, you name it on what.

I feel low, eyes have lost sparkle, face is drooping. When the moaning inside gets louder I hush it with small chores, trivia on TV, thriller books or movies. And I go daily to work, as any other good citizen. But what put me on this humdrum track?

Almost two years ago, I put on hold writing articles, with the higher aim of finishing my third novel, Maria in Italia. Real life and Maria’s Italian adventure unreeled in a tranquil tandem for me, so I was satisfied. When I started an important house project, despite the stress and, sometimes, the physical work, I still kept track of my protagonist’s exploits. But then, a series of weird happenings got me off balanced – literally, a couple of times. The adversity culminated with the horrible deaths of our three kittens, one by one.

Is it writer’s block?

It’s been months since I deserted Maria altogether and any attempt to write as a matter of fact. But God, physicality sends strong signals! The mirror shows I’ve hit bottom. So now I’m passing through the first stage of comeback – finding what psychological process blocks the will. Could this condition be a type of writer’s block? Lack of inspiration can’t be the cause since my head swarms with ideas. However, a stern inner barrier impedes my writing one sole word.

Last resort: resume writing as therapy! I’ll type words to describe what happens inside. REVOLT. DEPRESSION. DEFEAT. ANGER. Oh doesn’t this help! Hating DEPRESSION, and to fight it, I’ll pinpoint REVOLT.


If you agree that life is exciting, you accept the full heterogeneous package: tumultuous, peaceful, exhilarating, sweet, tough. And oh, lovers of life, do you ever learn how to embrace death? Although you do not, exercising in coming to terms with the big end is beneficial. Blow after life’s blow prepares minds for the ultimate stroke.

Like all creators, writers rank among the privileged, the God-players on earth. Then why should you not resume writing just to play down life’s ugliness and extinguish revolt? Take revenge, mock death! Out of wrath, plot horror to stun the world. Or create sorrow-free utopias.

Tidy surroundings

So far you’ve worked with your mind. But to take action, a person needs a physical signal. Start by tidying up your home. Declutter your writing room and desk, then put all the objects in a pleasant and useful order. Of course, turn this operation into a daily routine and don’t forget to keep the room aired.

A neat arrangement of the things around you will harmonize the energies and bring about order into your thoughts. Order engenders relaxation, a prerequisite for inspiration and creation.

Energize your physique

Next, focus on your body. Believe me, a fit physique plays shield against any adversity. I gave up workouts a few years ago, when I dedicated myself wholly to writing. Former training paid off and passed me through sedentarism in glory. I sat and typed and shone. The body machine functioned like a perpetuum mobile, sustaining relentless creative activity.

Yet, problems came, and with these, energy blockages. I am trapped and have to regain my power. So I have just restarted the previous cycle: fitness first, then back to attaining my writing goals. What I do these days is breathing exercises, some stretching, and timid squats. And I practice my facial muscles twice a day. Energy and fluids flow free again through my body and face. What’s best, confidence builds up.

Hop on the motivational wheel

Like me, you sure are on many mentors’ and coaches’ email lists. Accept invitations to online seminars, courses, podcasts and any events that have to do with writing, publishing, marketing, happiness and success. For months, I have deleted entire pages of messages without even bothering to see where they came from. Earlier today, though, I joined an event for writers. Still reluctant. Not a stir, not a spur, but proud for having hopped on the motivational wheel again.

Resume writing

Happy me I have this website that bears my name. Why not scrape up words and type them in a new post? From exercising the lungs and limbs, neck, cheeks and all to playing fingertips on the computer keyboard, you, too, can get back in the groove of writing. Mood will improve with time, and your writer’s star will soon shine.

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