Bedroom Decoration for Better Sleep – WATER

Bedroom Decoration for Better Sleep – WATER

Better sleep can be achieved through a lot of elements that work harmoniously together, including elements of decor. I have been pondering a lot on the effect of the element of WATER on a room’s atmosphere. How can you use it for better sleep?

WATER Is a Medium Which Connects Us to the Earth

Although all elements are matter and all matter is pulsating energy and medium, both AIR and WATER, as opposed to FIRE and EARTH, are more readily perceived as media.

If we simplify things, FIRE and EARTH are seen as points, a starting point and an end point, respectively. FIRE, for example the sun, is a source of energy while EARTH is a receiver. It is SPACE, AIR and WATER that imply the idea of travel.


While SPACE is a void, therefore not considered a medium, AIR and WATER are definitely physical media. The former connects us to space, whereas WATER connects us to the depths of the earth.

 The Key Impact of WATER for Better Sleep


When you think WATER you think waves. Traveling waves invisible in other media take shape in water, so nonchalantly sharing secrets of matter with us.

When you think water you think floating, drifting, or even immersing into matter a little denser than air, yet still giving you a feeling of complete freedom, which is so relaxing. You do not soar, headed for the infinity of the skies, you wallow in freedom here on earth, where WATER belongs. This element allows you to feel free, while grounded. To me, this is the key aspect of integrating WATER into the bedroom decor for better sleep, which differentiates it from the medium of AIR.

The Floating Feeling for Better Sleep


According to your own needs, you might decor your bedroom to induce any of the sensations on a scale from floating through drifting to immersion. If you are an easy and/or deep sleeper you may not need any of these at all, keeping the presence of the WATER element to a minimum. A difficult sleeper though might need up to an immersion decor to enhance the quality of their sleep.


Here are some tips: a large comfortable bed with the right mattress for you, quality silk sheets (Charmeuse silk and Habotai silk are among the best), pearly-finish furniture, dupion taffeta or chiffon drapes, glossy surfaces (flooring, furniture, decorative panels, mirrors, etc.), wavy horizontal lines.


 The Immersion Sensation for Better Sleep


Large mirrors will create this sensation of depth, beyond the reflecting surface. You can have a special personalized lighting system fixed in your bedroom if you can afford it, with light also coming from under your bed. A lighted wall panel, a fish tank, or glass walls looking out on water could add a great deal to this atmosphere. I would not go as far as suggesting trying a waterbed, but again, it depends on your needs and also on your own relationship with water.


I personally like water, but I am a surface-type water lover and immersion in it gives me a claustrophobic sensation. Floating and drifting are enough for me. I remember I once tried a waterbed, and I felt highly insecure. Also think that when you give yourself in to sleep you should not feel vulnerable at all. You should feel relaxed, but still in command, therefore the impact of WATER on sleep should not feel overpowering.

Colors and Better Sleep


Blue is contained in little amounts in white colors and off-whites, then in a lot of other tones, so this color does not necessarily have to be dominant in your bedroom, as it goes a lot against warmth and coziness. Again, it depends on your type of sleeper and on what makes you feel comfortable, so it is up to you to decide on the balance of the chromatic design. You may choose decorative solutions in blue greens, aquamarine and turquoise, emerald greens, or any shade of blue, as all blend in nicely with warm earth colors.

Decorative Objects


For better sleep, the decorative pieces in your bedroom can point to water, water creatures, water plants, to the deep sea, no matter the color. You can have pieces made of iridescent nacre, of green stones (emerald, jade, turquoise, malachite, etc.), blue stones (lapis lazuli, aquamarine, azurite, etc.), violet stones like amethyst, or any other stone, as stones stand for both earth and water.


 Air Humidity and Better Sleep


There is also a physical impact of WATER on sleep. To sleep well, you should maintain a proper level of air humidity in your bedroom.

One or two pot plants will not only beautify the decor and add the EARTH element to it, but will also purify and humidify the air. Keep the earth in the pot moist, so the particles of water will spread in the atmosphere both through direct evaporation and through the leaves, by means of what is called transpiration of plants.

In winter, when whatever you use for heating purposes lowers the moisture levels, beside plants you can use a humidifier.

A better solution is to place one or two nice vases or bowls of water in your room, away from the heat sources if they are electrical, and near them or directly on, if it is central heating radiators, for instance. Make sure these containers are heat resistant, not porous, and heavy enough for better stability. I suggest stone or ceramic. You can also keep decorative bowls or jugs of water on the windowsill. The larger the surface of the water, the more rapidly it will evaporate into the atmosphere, so refill the containers regularly.



You are the main WATER element in your bedroom, with your own body almost 2/3 water. You have kept your body well hydrated throughout the day and have already drunk 1/2 liter of pure water late into the evening, until one hour before going to bed. You, Next Woman, have also taken your habitual ritual bath, cleansed your complexion and moisturized all of your skin, ready to tune into the vibration of this hypnotic decor and float on the smooth waves of your bed sheets, drifting along into sleep.



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