Love President to bits, by comparison

Love President to bits, by comparison

Love President. I have discerned that obscure feeling in myself recently. And found the courage to speak it up.

I have come to love President Trump, yes. And I now love President Iohannis, too. Both, by comparison.

Never would I have thought love is relative. To my own surprise, it can be. I myself am a bizarre case in point.

Love President Trump

Although I felt disappointed when he won the U.S. presidential election, I have come to love President Trump. Why? Against the foil of the Women’s March the day after his swearing-in, some qualities stood out. As well as some vicious negativity.

Those qualities came surreptitiously into light and alighted right onto Trump’s head like an aura. A vision has formed into my mind as to what the man Trump stands for.

1. Truthfulness

First of all it is truthfulness. This man walks his mind. And he speaks it. Wow, a politician who strongly believes in what he says! Gone are the days when that was a default feature of political speeches. Or so I thought. Those days are back, as it seems, with Trump as path re-breaker. Therefore I appreciate his sincerity, as opposed to the hypocrisy of most politicians and activists out there. Too many of them pretend to be fighting for other people’s well-being, when their own is the centerpiece of their interest and struggle.

2. Humanely spontaneous

Secondly, it is his spontaneous, unaffected, straightforward messages. I find his spontaneity a lot more humane than the loud histrionics of politicians and activists.

The strident shrieks of Ashley Judd’s address at the Women’s March are still piercing my ears. What was that show of violence for, I wonder. Hers was nothing but an actress’ demo, totally devoid of substance and genuine passion. An actress at her worst, unfortunately. The higher her pitch, the more pathetic her speech. She wasn’t able to convey any emotion at all, in spite of the crescendo of her strive.

She must have sensed that, which explains her increasingly desperate condition on the speaking platform. Poor thing, she looked as though banging her head against invisible walls. In her desperate attempt to inflict terror and anger into the audience, all she managed to do was cry her throat sore.

3. Common sense

As to content, in his inaugural address Donald Trump spoke a lot of common sense. Were I an American citizen, I would be proud to have been addressed to like that. The American citizen placed at the core of the President’s agenda. Isn’t that what any president of any state should do? Protect the country’s people, and do anything which stands in their power to ensure their thriving. Building a powerful nation should be any president’s aim. Let us shine as a nation and let others model us. This makes sense to me. Although, as an outsider, I might have some reasons for concern.

By comparison…

The speakers in the women’s protest must have prepared their speeches in advance and been intensely rehearsing them. In a violent register, as a matter of fact. They may have not even listened to Trump’s inaugural address on the previous day. And if they did, they didn’t have the decency to adjust the great militant show to the reality of that address. They didn’t have the heart to admit all the preparation was but a waste of time, energy, and money.

We are here to fight, they kept shouting their lungs out. And we will fight, they would threaten. They must have been rehearsing for a war movie and simply could not give up on that. And when you think that the enemy had just announced he was going to protect them all, no matter the color, white, black, or brown.

A bluff

At the end of the day I had the impression they had been shooting scenes in a war parody. With millions of extras summoned from all over the country. What a ridiculously pathetic bluff, enough to make even a cat laugh.

4. True to his word

Despite this cheap rhetoric gone ballistic, President Trump kept his calm. And also his campaign promises. Who would have expected this? Especially given the outrageous nature of some of those promises in the politically correct world we live in? And known campaigning politicians’ appetency for promises.

As though the world hadn’t been shocked enough by Trump’s campaign oddities, once sworn in he got down to putting them into practice, one by one. Alas, this is not common practice. Keeping your word to shock the world is unacceptable in today’s politically correct politics. Each element of until recently purported fiction has started to turn into conviction. This guy Trump proves to be as undaunted as the so-self-declared activists. To everyone’s wowing, he seems to know what he is doing. And this is something I value. The courage of keeping one’s promise against any adversity.

5. Reversed paradigm

Donald Trump has reversed the paradigm of today’s politician, with which many people haven’t had the courage to say they have got fed up. Here emerges the new type, devoid of pretense and hollow diatribes. And more than anything, focused on doing.

I admit, some of his promises may have been too much. The immensity of the border wall thing is a bit scary. However, by comparison with the useless aggressiveness of activists, I still love President Trump to bits.

6. Unite versus divide

One more thing. Donald Trump promised to protect all Americans and work in their interest. In total contrast, who have all sorts of activists been fighting for? Each one, for their own niche of people. In spite of big general words and bulgy militant imagery, they dogfight over funds and attention only to divide the nation. After all, why should one category of people deserve more rights than other ones? Why cannot a nation be united by sharing the same rights? And thus rob the activists’ army of scope.

Love President Iohannis

In a parallel manner, I have also come to love President Klaus Iohannis lately. By comparison. Against continuous clamor of such heavy charges of false fight in the people’s interest, one cannot but appreciate his patient application. Few words, but truthful, and spoken when the time is right.

Just when many Romanians were about to definitely label President Iohannis as a political bore, he took everyone by surprise with a bold gesture. Spurred by presidential vigilance, clad in a dignified mien, he alighted unawares in the middle of a government meeting, right on time to catch the participants with the goods. These were two emergency bills the culprits were about to pass secretly. There are two elephants in the room, he said in a firm voice: the bill on amnesty and the bill on pardon. I just love President Iohannis to bits for that.

These two bills got dozens of thousands in the streets the following weekend. And our President, despite the oppressive politically correctness, hailed this popular anti-government demonstration. As direct and courageous as America’s Trump, Iohannis became a symbol of the fight against political corruption in Romania.

By comparison…

Therefore, by comparison with awe-inspiring confabulation, malignant spite, and false promises, there is nothing left for many people but love President Trump and love President Iohannis. And I am one of those people.

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