Go Gym Wise, a Rewarding Self-Enterprise

Go Gym Wise, a Rewarding Self-Enterprise

Go gym wise is one of today’s mottoes. It’s a trendy mindset and action. And it means keeping in line with life’s permanent trend: growing. Why not make it your motto today?

First of all, it would imply forging a pro-gym mentality, gym wise. Secondly, it implies taking action. It is the only way to reach that mindset. And, most importantly, thanks to the versatility of this wonderful word, wise, your motto also points to wisdom. Therefore go, grow, and take wise steps.

Reshaping your body is a self matter. It is you, your will, and your body. And I see it as a bold venture on which, luckily, more and more people embark these days. Good for them. Yet, only playing it safe can ensure consistency and endurance. Therefore go gym wise, and your efforts will yield the expected results.


Tips to Go Gym Wise

  • Consult with your doctor before taking up a workout program and whenever you think you should. For example, when you cannot find a logical explanation for prolonged fatigue, when you have respiratory problems, or you feel exercising puts a strain on your heart. Also, when you start having joint problems or after small accidents like sprains. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations.
  • Always adapt duration and intensity of exercising to the physical capacities of your body. If you have a set program to follow, forget about it when something doesn’t feel right. Be wise and creative to remodel it into a program of your own. At least for that day’s session, if not entirely.

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  • Take short breaks during training whenever you need to. Interrupt it, if you have to. You will resume the training program the following time.
  • Learn how to breathe well and always coordinate breathing with the movements of your body. You are a universe thriving in harmony.
  • Give your brain and body enough water. Hydrate yourself properly every day and remember to drink enough water pre-, during, and post-workout. That would be about 2 liters daily, of which about 1 liter while at the gym.

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  • Do not go to the gym on a full stomach. Three hours prior you should not eat anything.
  • Fuel your body with enough protein, a little healthy fat, and some green vegetables on each workout day.
  • Keep your mind happy. It is nice to reward yourself after exercising with a bountiful meal, or a cheat meal if you’re dieting. Planning this in advance will keep your mind pro-gym, you’ll definitely get out of doors and get there, and you’ll happily workout your way through the session.
  • To avoid storing fat, do not eat this beautiful meal within an hour after workout. And to build muscle, stuff it with quality protein and do not eat it later than within three hours after finishing exercising.
  • If you eat fruit on the day, either eat it early in the morning or post-workout. In the latter case, eat the fruit first, then the rest of the meal.

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  • Make sure you get enough quality sleep every night. Try never to curtail the amount of time your brain and whole body need to perform their while-sleep preservatory and reparatory wonders. That would be a minimum of seven to eight hours per night.
  • Combine bodyweight with machine training and weight training. I also recommend introducing elements of Pilates and Tae Bo for strength, agility and flexibility. You can either integrate these into your program or do them during breaks between exercises.


  • Remember to do short stretching exercises before and after you work a certain part of your body. This ensures flexibility and muscle tone in preparation for that specific exercise and is a good method to release tension afterwards.

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  • In the minimum two minute break between exercises you can do some controlled breathing for 30 seconds, some stretching for 30-60 seconds, and some agility drills for 30-60 seconds. Of course, you can extend the break if you feel like doing any of the above for a little while longer.

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