Young Forever –Your Own Youth Elixir

Young Forever –Your Own Youth Elixir

Young forever. A chimera, you’ll say. Well, science has taken giant leaps lately towards making this myth come true, right? But it’s not for everyone, a pessimist might think.

Reality is relative

Most pessimists consider themselves realistic people. Too sensible to see beyond immediate reality. The truth is reality is as relative as time. Maybe just an illusion. Likewise, eternal youth may be only an illusion. But it keeps you young at soul and as fit as you can.

The Power of Vision

And tell me, isn’t illusion a vision? And is vision not the first step to a possible future reality? Mental projections are a lot likely to become reality someday.

Now, taking into consideration the speed at which the present day society runs, would it be possible to bring vision into the present sooner? I think it would. This is what scientists are busy doing.

At Your Heart’s Speed

Luckily, or quite the other way round for some people, there is something which travels faster than anything else we know of. It is thought. In fact it has been proven that our deep feelings, whatever comes from our souls surpasses even the speed of thought. Therefore, if we really wish for something and believe deeply in its realization in the present, we can make that happen. Our soul and mind have the capacity to bring vision into present instantly. Yippee!


Yet, it depends on the vision. A realistic person will bring a conventional vision of her/his future self into present, whereas ‘unrealistic’ people will have unrealistically young forever visions of themselves.

First of all, a youth-bound soul-and-mindset can keep us young forever without any mediation whatsoever. As I have repeatedly said, youth comes from within. On the other hand, this powerful desire and attitude to life will guide us to benefit from the achievements of science, as well. People who really see themselves young forever have this inner drive to both readjust their lifestyle and try out innovative products and procedures. They will never say ‘this is not for me’. They, or better said the universe will find a way even when it comes to expensive treatments.


Young Forever – Your Own Elixir

If you envision yourself as young forever, you will definitely find the proper youth elixir for you. And that could be just your own peculiar lifestyle. So keep bringing a young projection of yourself into present to ensure a youth-bound lifestyle.

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