A Simple Solution in a Hectic World: Tapping

A Simple Solution in a Hectic World: Tapping

The more numerous we are on this planet, the more complicated our lives get. And the more readily we respond to simple cues. Even when it comes to solving a problem or improving some aspects about ourselves we would rather try a simple solution, no matter how new. Oftentimes simple seems to work better.

Addiction to Simple

A new trend is obvious, which I call ‘addiction to simple’. We search for simple signs to help us find our way in the maze of a hectic world. Everything points to the idea mankind has reached that point in its evolution when people have to go back to simple roots, to archetypes.

Minimalist feels like a welcomed simple solution. You do not have to resort to a lot of thinking. It is easier, healthier and more efficient to just BE. Just like primitive people, but after a whole cycle of ontological complications.

We want to eat like immemorial forefathers—see paleo diet—and we do tapping instead of meditation or reiki sessions.

Tapping: a simple solution

People are looking for quick ways to solve problems, and one such finding is tapping, a simple solution, really effective as well. Through tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) we resort to the earliest part of our brain, the amygdalae, to do the work in our place.

Tapping suits our times. It had to be discovered as a quick and efficient answer to our constant need for balance in an imbalanced world. Despite being a simple solution, tapping addresses basic, hidden sources of problems. Tapping is a simple solution to many of our problems, or better said, to some basic sources of our problems.

I became acquainted with EFT in February 2015, when I attended the 7th Annual Tapping World Summit organized and hosted by Nick Ortner and his sister, Jessica. A whole range of bright and dedicated life coaches and health professionals shared their knowledge and practices with everyone listening.

These practitioners explained how they had come to practice tapping, why they considered it effective and how they used the technique in their field of expertise. They did tapping processes live, to help people see how the method worked and even apply it on themselves.

Tapping: an effective simple solution

I have been studying EFT ever since and use it whenever I have a problem or want to improve something. Seeing results, I created my own processes, trying to adapt the sequences of taps and words to certain circumstances and types of people, to specific needs and purposes.

So far, I have concentrated on issues related to stress, sleep, self-knowledge and self-confidence. I’ve been creative with mantras already helped some friends and relatives. I taught them how to apply tapping processes themselves.

What I noticed in people during the first tapping session was how frequently and deeply they yawned. This is a sign of accumulated negative energies, meaning they had done nothing to release them before.

Sometimes just taking a deep breath before bedtime and thinking back of the day that just passed, with its good and bad points, is enough. Anyway, it’s better than nothing. I gather people are so stressed and tired they forget to do that.

Benefits of Tapping

No matter your particular purpose, when you do tapping you first and foremost release accumulated bad energies. You cannot release all in one session, but with regular practice, even though not that frequent, you will feel lighter, more confident and more optimistic.

There are a wealth of other benefits. A major gain is understanding your body and its needs, getting to love and respect it, which will eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle. Another great benefit is clarity upon past events, which with time will help you get over some hidden sources of pain, either mental or physical.

By doing tapping repeatedly, you will find inside yourself answers to problems you did not even know existed. What you experience is the pain, unaware of its source. And you cannot find a solution until you have discovered where the problem stems from.

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How to Apply Tapping

Tapping is so simple anyone can apply it for themselves. If they want.

But first, a mentor should teach them how to do it: tap and utter key phrases. Once you learn how to tap and write down appropriate sequences of words for specific problems, you can go independent and… creative.

What a mentor does

Some people may prefer to have someone else perform tapping on them, as it is a lot more relaxing. You do not have to think of anything, just imitate the mentor’s gestures and repeat their mantras. Moreover, a mentor or coach can easily modify the mantras during the procedure, according to circumstances or the mood of the ‘patient’. Another person is also more likely to be clear of negativity related to your problem or aspect you want to improve.

It is preferable that the person who performs the tapping process have certain qualities. The sound and inflections of the voice count, as well as the passion and warmth they put into uttering the mantras. Experience with a variety of other people and their problems is extremely valuable too.

What you do

What you do is tap with the tips of your fingers, usually the index and middle ones, on some specific energy meridian points, the same used in acupuncture and acupressure. While doing so, you utter specific sequences of words, in relation to the problem you want to solve.

By tapping on the energy points you activate your body’s healing powers, while uttering the specific words will help these healing powers focus on the problem.

So try this simple solution and see if it works for you.

It should.

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