Latest Book by a New Novelist – WANTED

Latest Book by a New Novelist – WANTED

The latest book by any new novelist may be fresh, unique, awesome, but nobody knows about it. Unless the new novelist turns well-known. Well, this is impossible. New and well-known make a contradiction in terms. It’s all a matter of time and of publicizing.

A Matter of Time

Time’s running fast in this day and age. Thankfully, there are fast means out there for your latest book to reach the public. Marketing is killing me, but, as it seems, I have many lives. In one of these, I’ll surely become a good marketer for my books. All I have to do is learn. Fast. If you don’t do it at night, like me, you can’t make quick progress by day.

I am a self-published writer, and trying to do everything that comes after publishing by myself. I’ve been learning online and by trial and error. This trial and error business is tricky, but what can you do? If you make content mistakes while promoting your book, it’s OK. You can anytime edit and re-edit. But pay attention to technical ones. Mind what you click on. It can cost you loads of money.

Anyway, don’t wait for “the new novelist”—you—to grow old to have your latest book found and read.

Promote Your Latest Book

Writing a good book is not enough. You have to make your latest book visible and WANTED. This is where marketing comes in. A thick woods of psychological and technical stuff. If you don’t have money to pay pros to do it, you’ll have to promote the book yourself. If you are strong-willed and in dire need, you can teach yourself to do just about anything.


You can advertise your latest book on your Facebook page, free, or by means of Face Book ads. This is where you should watch your every step. It’s a maze of technicalities. Quite difficult in the beginning, until you get accustomed to their system. All you have to do is throw yourself in and try, with a piercing eye. To all the buttons, as I said before. And, against all urgency we are talking about here, be patient. Unfortunately, this is what I sometimes tend not to be. You have to let the system to rest for a few minutes, or hours sometimes.

Publishing Sites

Publishing sites like Amazon are godsends for self-published authors, from many points of view. Amazon, for instance, offers you a whole array of marketing means. You pay, but it may be worth it. Go through them and pick one, or more. The more, the better, and hopefully the less time till the first clicks. Money always helps you intensify.

I haven’t used any such means on Amazon yet. Neither for my two previous novels, nor for my latest book. I’m so “fresh” there, and a little scared. But I’ll do it, any time soon. I’ll throw myself into their marketing system as well.

What I’ve done, and I’m really happy about, is creating My Author Page. Bio with photo, published books, link to my website. Great, but I’ll have to wait. It’s been only a week. And what is one week in this day and age?

Pinterest My Love

I love my Pinterest page and all the boards I’ve created. Right now I’m celebrating one year with Pinterest, and I’m still loving it. I may not be as enthralled as I was in the beginning, but still “pinterestically” creative and active. In fact, it was my love for Pinterest that inspired this latest novel of mine, “DarXination”. And love for my own boards and the titles I devised for them. I somehow wanted to understand this insolite love affair, trace back the psychology behind near-creative online activity.

One such board gave the very title of the novel, “Darxination”, and all the heroine’s recent paintings are actual such creations: Red Pulse, Into light, Mask Relief, Feel Fête, Feel WRITE, La vie en BLACK, etc.

Plus, this love has brought me followers and almost 160 K monthly viewers. I used to have over 160 K, when more active. To say nothing about the pins of my novels having collected impressions and a few clicks.

Own Website

I am lucky to have an own website—this one. I’ll soon turn it into my writer’s platform. I’m in the process right now, in point of fact. Shall I say how blessed I feel to have someone in my family who has set up this website for me and is administrating it? Without this website, I wouldn’t be writing about my latest book now, feeling so free and willing to share my experience as a newly self-published novelist.

Before writing your next book, make your latest book WANTED. Derek Murphy, one of the generous pros I have recently come across, will teach you. Free.

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