LOVE is a Shared Mystery

LOVE is a Shared Mystery

What exactly is LOVE, people have always wondered. It is a feeling quite difficult to explain, it is a state of being. People usually say it is hard for them to define what is happening to them when they experience this feeling.

LOVE is a Mystery

Scientists have also endeavored to get to the root of LOVE, to discover where it stems from and how it manifests. They have studied the physics and chemistry of LOVE, the hidden reactions in our brain and body, at a level as intimate as a cellular, atomic one.

Various religions sustain LOVE just IS, it is a gift we should not try to analyze and explain. LOVE is a law and a state of the universe, as is unity, or infinity, or TRUTH, the immutable, eternal, unquestionable TRUTH. If we do not abide by this TRUTH which we should not search for, we do not align with FAITH. TRUTH should be a closed subject for us humans, as it does not need explanation. Consequently, should LOVE be the same? Should it remain a mystery? Should we just BE LOVE?

LOVE is a Revelation

Can LOVE only be felt as a revelation? It is only mysteries that flash down on us in the form of revelations. The blessed are connected to TRUTH in a flash, but there is no way they can truly impart what happens in the instant of that connection. There are no words to describe and therefore share it with others. It stays a one-on-one unconveyable experience. To be more correct, there is no sequence of words, but one word only: TRUTH.  The others can only believe it or not. Or they can keep searching for it on their own, if they want. If they are lucky, a revelation can chance in their life, too.

TRUTH is the age-old mystery philosophers and scientists have always pursued. Have they found it? Well, they are getting there, closer and closer, but on the way, they have only come with their own truths. Day after day we find out about new discoveries. An army of searchers are always there busy with their unrelenting quest. Each new discovery comes to enlighten us on the subject. Quantum physics, black holes, parallel universes, antimatter, pulsating energy, the particle of GOD. What scientists cannot explain is what namely gets energy to pulsate. This is still a mystery.


Back to revelation. We have to make do with the revelations some of us say they have had, and only hope for our own, some day. I think it is the same with LOVE. When people say they are in love no one else can really understand what they might be feeling. It is only when you yourself are in love that you understand. LOVE is a one-on-one unconveyable experience, which only comes in the form of a revelation.

The Object of Your Love Is Only a Medium

Interestingly, if one term of the equation is yourself, the other one is not a person, or whatever you feel love for, but TRUTH revealed in a flash to you. The object of your love is just a medium through which revelation can reach you. That is why we should be thankful to the people we love. And I think that is why we should never feel unhappy if they do not love us in return. LOVE is between us and the universe.

You have certainly heard that if you love someone you should set them free. Just be thankful for the role of medium they have played in your life. If you stick to them, chase them, do not feel a whole anymore without them, it is like considering them more important than the revelation itself. You engulf the precious gift of revelation under a pile of mundanity which you can anyway have on a daily basis.

Stop Suffering From Unrequited Love

At the initial stage of your love you feel elated and elevated, you feel on top of the world, and do not really care what kind of response you are going to get. This is the natural thing to do, since LOVE directly addresses the spark of light in you, your SELF. This is what revelation is, instant connection to TRUTH, which leaves everything else aside. Your initial focus is on LOVE itself. It is only then that your ego starts interfering with it, asking questions, wanting, and needing. And if it is unrequited love, you suffer. You may keep suffering until the moment you understand what LOVE is and come to appreciate its purging power. Being thankful for the revelation of LOVE is a sign of wisdom. Therefore the sooner you stop suffering, the better.


LOVE Is a Shared Mystery

How many of us have you heard have had revelations? Just a few, the ‘chosen’ ones. When it comes to love though, it seems we all are meant to experience it sooner or later. Few people say they have never been in love. Of all the mysteries, LOVE seems to be the sole one the universe is willing to share with all humans. It is the only glint of TRUTH revealed to us. Moreover, it seems as though we are continuously invited to integrate it into our lives for better living, better communication and relationships, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of our existence, which is happiness. LOVE is a shared mystery.


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