Decorate Your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep – EARTH

Decorate Your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep – EARTH

We need to sleep in order to recharge our batteries from the unique source of vital energy in the universe. Not connecting ourselves regularly to this source has a devastating impact on our health. But while doing so, it is as important to keep ourselves grounded, in touch with our mother planet. That is why, for a good night’s sleep, we should ensure the right balance between the elements of AIR and EARTH.



What is this balance? While AIR favors a state of profound sleep, that is of disconnection from the physical environment, and FIRE favors a state of full wakefulness or connection to it, and the two should therefore be respectively dominant in the situations above, WATER and EARTH fall in between, as less dominant elements, yet indispensable in both such situations.

The resulting ranking would be AIR – EARTH & WATER – FIRE to enhance sleep, and FIRE – EARTH & WATER – AIR to ensure hyperactivity. As you see, none of the elements should be missing. This is not a fixed balance, as it should be adapted to the given environment, the type of person, the targeted goal, and other variables.

Earth Colors

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It is nice to have the impression of an ample, pristine space as you walk into your bedroom, but it should not give you the sense of a museum or church. Familiarity and coziness are also key feelings, which warm earth colors can induce. Think warm off-whites or any tones of brown (sand, sienna, ochre, amber, coffee, etc.). If you prefer an all-white decor, go for warm whites. If you choose cold whites, then EARTH should be included through other means.



Wood, Plants, and Earth

Natural wood is a must in your bedroom, in at least one of these forms: flooring, furniture, picture or photo frames, art objects, natural scented wood chips like rose, cinnamon, sandalwood, etc.


The presence of plants, either cut or potted, can also lend your bedroom a reassuring, down-home feel. 010
These natural elements will always remind you that you still belong with the world which is familiar to you while being connected to the Source, which is a mystery.

The crude savor of raw earth, the more pungent to faint aromas of natural wood, leaves and flowers permeating the atmosphere will whisper EARTH to your senses even during sleep. Fruit, aromatic leaves, and spices can have the same effect. Make your own potpourri, to give you a still deeper sense of home.

EARTH can also be inspired by visual art pieces like paintings, photos, ceramics or sculptures.



Vertical vs Horizontal

While vertical lines and high ceilings can be associated with the ideas of outer space, celestial, heaven, AIR, horizontal lines point to surface, endless plains, EARTH. Find the right balance between the two, according to your feeling and preferences. When it comes to home, the idea of personal space, I have always preferred horizontal planes. I think this must be my deep SELF’s way of putting the balance right.

No matter how high your ceiling is or how spacious your room, I recommend that your bed should definitely be a large horizontal plane, enabling you to stretch and roll at ease. It is the surface which keeps you grounded while sleeping, so make sure it gives you the sensation of an endless plain once you lie down on it. You should feel as free here as you feel above, in the world of dreams.



Choose natural fiber rugs and shades, if possible. When it comes to bed linen and bedspreads though, there is no room for compromise: all-natural. Does it not feel so very soothing and comfortable when you have direct contact with textiles woven of natural fibers, especially when they come in natural hues, or are dyed with vegetable colors?


You are the graceful queen of your ‘sanctuary’, but only a couple of hours before walking into it, you have relished a nice meal, and no matter how light your step might be, cast a glance at your delicate feet just to remind yourself you are grounded. Feel the ground underneath your soles, as you take a deep breath in. Please do so, as you are a powerful earth queen, just ready to connect to the Source for her beauty sleep.



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