Next Woman, How to Be Happy Is Learnable

Next Woman, How to Be Happy Is Learnable

A New Person Can Make You Happy

I have ‘reinvented’ myself many times and started anew, either because I changed the town or country of residence, or simply because I felt I wanted to do something different, or better myself. If I look back, I realize each such new beginning was occasioned by a new person who chanced in my life exactly when I was ripe enough for stepping onto a next level. It seems I just somehow asked for such a meeting, and the meeting occurred.

A New Book Can Make You Happy

In point of personal development, it was a book that initiated my transformation, let us say, at a methodical level, but that was also thanks to a person. It was a lady, a work colleague of mine at that time, who lent me this book to read. She said she felt I was the only person she knew who might appreciate that gift, provisional as it were, and that I deserved it. Maybe I did, I do not know, but that book unlocked a door for me, to a space of incredible power in which I have been growing ever since.

Wind Happy

Practicing Makes You Happy

It was an old book on personal magnetism in English, a language which, lucky me, the woman also knew I could read in, published in the U.S. right at the beginning of the 20th century. Wow, I read and reread it, taking down notes, each chapter seeming to be even more interesting than the previous one. I had been passionate about and studied psychology since a child, but my focus had always been either on scientific theory or on applying it in order to know myself and the others. Well, getting to a higher level of knowledge is one thing, whereas practicing to get to a higher level of being is THE THING. I remember I did exercises described in that book both at home, and outside my home, at my work place, in the street, anywhere I was and no matter what I was doing. There were processes and procedures for improving any aspect of a person’s presence and interaction with the others, applicable in any situation or circumstance. And they worked, I was getting results, I became a better, happier me. People would ask me, what are you so happy about, have you won the lottery, have you found the one and are getting married? No, I answered, I am happy because I exist. I was walking the streets with a confident smile on my face, ready to burst, and I felt love all around me. I was in a state of love, for myself, for all the people, for the world. I still am in that state, although I have made a lot of progress on the way opened by that book, through study and, more importantly, through experiencing different new situations, places, and people.

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I do not remember the name of the author, and I wonder why, since that book is a cornerstone in my development. I think that is perhaps because the content was so immediately applicable that I got carried away with the results, with being. And so involved into being that I forgot about theories and authors. Interestingly, the book did not lack the theoretical part, as each chapter was well founded in scientific theory. I would not have assiduously applied all the practical stuff had it not been thoroughly explained first. I prefer to know what I am doing.

Thanks Make you Happy

Thanks to the Internet, I have found the name of the author whose book came to my hand to open my eyes on the possibility of learning how to be happy. Personal Magnetism, by Edward Barrett Warman.

Thank you.

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