The Truth about the Shoes You’d Like to Wear

The Truth about the Shoes You’d Like to Wear

What kind of shoes would you like to wear? Do you wear them? If so, how often? How do they make you feel?

Interestingly, these are four simple questions that will help you better understand yourself. Next, I invite you to check your answer to the first one.


The Shoes You Want

How often have you seen a pair of shoes you felt desirable, no matter what? Irrespective of style and color. Whether or not they would bring comfort to or look good on your feet. Whether or not you would need them or ever have the occasion to wear. When, in spite of everything, the desire to have them comes from deep down in your heart, then those are the shoes that resonate with your true SELF.

It is not because they are a success signature type, or because they look gorgeous on another woman and would look as gorgeous on you. Nor is it because they would attract men’s attention and be the envy of womankind, nor simply because they are designer shoes.

Only, and only if you feel the connection, that’s set. It is that particular type of footwear that can tell who you are. Therefore the shoes you would like to wear are a lot more revealing than the shoes you do wear.


Closed Shoes

First of all, if you prefer closed shoes over half opened ones or over sandals, it could mean more reserved, dignified femininity and a certain need for protection. You show, to a certain degree, circumspect awareness and may be willing to make a statement of power by means of your footwear. A slight doze of inner yang energy is protecting your feminine self in a men’s world.


A statement of finesse

You might be seeking some sort of protection on the outside as well. Think a little. What kind of shoes does your feminine intuition jump at when you have to go out on a first date? Closed shoes can make the most refined feminine statement in a man’s eyes.


A Walk of Power

You might be either a corporate office worker, if you feel like going for more sober elegance, or an active woman who may even be running her own business, if smart casual appeals to you. In the former case you instinctively work alongside men to feel protected, while in the latter you work like them.



If you have tender feelings towards sandals rather than shoes, you are more likely the daring feminine type, openly sensuous, highly reliant on her self’s power. You walk confidently in a men’s world and you don’t need to declare anything other than maybe that yin is as powerful as yang.



When your heart rejoices at seeing boots, no matter the type, you may be either a little insecure or, on the contrary, the right balance of yin and yang who doesn’t really care whose world this is. The men’s, the women’s, or both, it is just as good. That is why women who wear boots against the current are seen as either shy and insecure or powerful.

Insecurity of a woman’s inner yin calls for more masculine energy on the outside. In the extreme case when a woman feels powerful only when stumping in such footwear, her femininity is really in danger.


Half Opened Footwear

Attraction to half opened footwear, be it shoes or boots, points to an extravagant nature, with a bent to experiment. You are as feminine as it gets, with just an extra spark of yang to showcase your femininity.

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