Next Woman Slim Smart Preparation Stage – Mind

Next Woman Slim Smart Preparation Stage – Mind

Next Woman Slim Smart is part of a program for women who want to keep up with life’s trends: health, beauty, and power.

Due to the complexity of any endeavor to lose weight in a healthy and harmonious way, I have devised a holistic approach which involves several aspects of your life. Consequently, the program includes a combination of actions you should take at the same time. There is work with your mind, and work with your body. Also, there are things to do before taking any slimming action, then slimming actions proper, as well as follow-up actions to ensure long-lasting results.


Next Woman Lifestyle

In fact, it is a program to gradually and nicely familiarize you with Next Woman Lifestyle, and tempt you on its tracks until you reach Next Woman Power.

Do you know what I like most about my own program? It is the fact that Next Woman Power is not the last station. Nothing is stationary about it, except for some basic principles. You can always achieve better, and you can always look better.

It is a program based on what I do to improve my health and looks, and even grow younger. It teaches self-love and esteem, and includes everything that gives you pleasure and renewed youth. Yes, it’s all about love and pleasure, girls.

Next Woman Slim Smart Preparation Stage – Mind

Before entering the slimming program proper, you need some preparation. This preparation includes some internal work first. You have to understand yourself and what you really want, and learn how to take slimming action with love. Then you also have to prepare your body. There are some basic things to do if you want results.

Here follow three basic tips for you to prepare mentally before embarking on ANY slimming program.

Next Woman Slim Smart Basic Tip 1 – Love Yourself

No matter what you attempt doing, you are not likely to succeed unless you do it with love. Most of us say they love themselves. Do they really? Of course, there are people who declare out loud that they hate themselves. In spite of these negative words, which are generally not advisable, they might secretly love themselves truly.

Do you love yourself?  

Do you love yourself? Love is a difficult feeling to put into words. It might manifest and be understood in such different ways. And that is not only by different people, but by the same person in different circumstances and in relation to different people. To help you answer this question, I’ll give you one key indicator now, the most important. I’ll try to give you more such indicators in future articles.


Key Indicator of Self-Love

Love comes from within. You feel you are like a globe of pure light within which you receive the object of your love. It is just you and that other person inside, and the two of you grow the light together to expand all over the world, and into the universe. No one and nothing else matters. Love is as pure, powerful, and infinite as the universe. If you feel that whenever you think of yourself, or when other people say you have failed or done something wrong, it means you love yourself.

Next Woman Slim Smart Basic Tip 2 – Accept Yourself

As the above key indicator of love shows, when you love someone you accept them as they are. When they fail, you accept their failure before encouraging and helping them. When they do something wrong, you accept that before trying to find an explanation. Acceptance is the key to successful correctional work. That is why we often say love is crazy.

Therefore accept the way you look before starting to enhance anything, if you want results.

Next Woman Slim Smart Basic Tip 3 – Be Patient with Yourself

Patience is a sign of trust, which stems from love and acceptance. You are always patient with the loved ones, aren’t you? You trust them, even if it sometimes happens that they betray your trust. Again, love is crazy.

Love Is a Celebration of Power

But you know what? If it is real love, you’ll understand that the object of your love is just a catalyst to give you access to universal love and unlimited power. That is why we often say and feel that love makes us better. Normally, real love should never cause suffering, even when unrequited. Love has nothing to do with possession, ambition, and grimness. It is a celebration of inner power meeting its source, universal power.


Love Achieves

Therefore, if you love yourself truly you will have the power to succeed in having the body you want. Love for yourself will give you the power and patience to make the right choices when it comes to healthy eating, sleeping, exercising, socializing, you name it. Apply love, and healthy routines will set in to stay in your life. Love achieves.

Next Woman Slim Smart Preparation Stage – Body

There are some important things you should do to prepare your body for slimming. We will talk about that sometime in the future. As you will see, everything you do during the preparation stage has to become your routine. With love and a little internal work, you are hopefully never going to let yourself down.

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