Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Feel Relaxed and Self-Confident

Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Feel Relaxed and Self-Confident

Connect to your SELF through movement. Here is a process you can use to do so.


  • Take some time to be by your own and make sure you are in your favorite space at home – your own territory, that is important. It should be a quiet place, well-aired, if it is a room, and you should not face any surface which can reflect your own image at the beginning of the exercise. If you feel you are in your space, comfortable and completely free of any inhibitions, then that is the right spot. The lighting may range from semi-darkness to bright, as it suits you best.
  • Play some music which suits your taste, no matter the genre. You do not necessarily have to mind the kind of mood you are in, so do not make a choice of music according to that. Moods and dispositions are just variables of you, highly influenced by factors outside your SELF, both in your own mind and in the external world.
  • Find a comfortable position. You may stand, be seated, or lie in bed, or on the floor. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, then release the air slowly and completely, tracing its course in and out of your lungs with your mind’s eye. Imagine it is just pure air, nothing else. Take another couple of breaths, until you feel totally relaxed.
  • Now that you feel relaxed, just breath lightly, as you normally do. As the music goes on playing, imagine you are in a globule of light which gets larger and larger as you start moving your arms around your body. You may open your eyes now, if you wish. If not, just keep them closed, and open them any time along the process, until the phase when you have to open them.
  • Now do whatever movements you feel like doing. Imagine this globule of light is your most intimate space, growing larger and larger as you extend and move your body. If you have been standing and you feel you should sit or lie down, do that. If you have been sitting or lying down and feel like standing up, do that. You are free to move your body as you wish. Give your body freedom of movement as if it were on its own.
  • You, dear you, free you… YOU are a source of bright, pure light situated in the center of your body, the unique source of the globule of light. The globule expands all around you as you move freely. All this light has one only source, your SELF, and your dear body is moving freely in it. Dance like that for 2-5 minutes, or for a little longer, if you wish.
  • Open your eyes, if you have kept them closed until now, and turn to a mirror or any surface that can reflect your image. Continue to Mother-Universe-by-Ira-Star-being1dance, saying to yourself, either loudly or silently, “This is my free SELF.” Repeat that a few times. After a couple of minutes, take a deep breath in, stretching your body upwards, arms reaching high above, and radiate all the light of your SELF like a star, as you breath out. That is all.
  • You will feel relaxed and self-confident. You may repeat this exercise whenever you like, if it makes you feel good and if it works for you. Try a different musical background, as you do not want to induce a reflexive response in you, or create an ego.


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