Summer 2016 Body Care – My Basket of Star Products

Summer 2016 Body Care – My Basket of Star Products

Summer 2016 body care is an activity to which you should dedicate enough time and passion. It is no less important than face or hair care if you want your natural beauty and true self to shine through.

My Basket of Summer 2016 Body Care

Have a look at my basket of products for skin care this summer. I have collected them with a lot of care and with love for my own skin. There are creams, balms, serums, lotions, oils and cosmetic waters for face and body care. I appreciate the nearly miraculous properties of their ingredients, the science behind these end products, and all the dedication and amount of work people in the fields of dermatology and cosmetology have put into them.

My basket of summer 2016 skin care


I apply these health and beauty aids with love for the infinite curative powers of nature, for the equally infinite human ingenuity, and for myself. Did you know that, when you apply any product with love, you help them act at their full curative and beautifying potential? So do not neglect your own contribution. It is the principle of LOVE in action. I myself simply love my basket of summer 2016 body care.

Summer 2016 Body Care – Cleansing


To clean my skin I never use soap on my face. On my body I prefer soap to bath/shower gels and creams. They leave a thin layer on skin, and even though it may be protective, I do not have that sensation of perfectly clean skin. Moreover, I like my pores to be completely clear in order to better suck in the treatment products. What I do is choose good quality moisturizing soap, preferably for sensitive skin.

Here are some soaps I recommend:

Amway Body Series G&H Complexion Bar, with glycerin and honey, so naturally looking and smelling that I would try to taste it;

Amway Body Series 3-in-1 Bar Soap, pH-balanced, with a corn and coconut derivative and almond oil, really creamy and moisturizing;

Himalaya Herbals soap bars: Cream & Honey, Moisturizing Almond, Neem & Turmeric, or Refreshing Cucumber.

I also recommend home-made, bio, natural soaps, which are considered to be the best. There is a large choice and you can order them online, buy them in specialized shops, or even at some supermarkets.

My tray of hand wash gift set 2016

Anyway, my star this summer is Scottish Fine Soaps ‘Poetica’, high-end and really refined, with a balanced blend of fruity, floral and spicy notes, as unforgettable as it is delicate. It is a rejuvenating and refreshing gift for your skin and your senses. In fact, I received it as a gift set.

Shower Gel

At the swimming-pool or at the beach I do use shower gels or creams, for practical reasons. My favorites this summer are from Yves Rocher.

Purple Lilac Shower Gel is an ultra-gentle formula enriched with organic Aloe Vera gel which leaves skin delicately scented. Sometimes in summer the vibrant invigorating spring sense is welcomed, especially if it takes you to a ‘morning in the garden’. Un Matin au Jardin (One Morning in the Garden) is the range this shower enhancer belongs to.19268

The next two products travel your senses to distant places in the world, and some of their nature’s gifts on the surface of your skin:

Lotus Flower from Laos Relaxing Shower Gel, gracefully fragranced, hydrates, relaxes and softens skin;

Brazilian Coffee Beans Shower Cream, pH balanced for skin and intensely invigorating.

Summer 2016 Body Care – Nourishing

Here are my star products this summer for nourishing body skin.

Vichy Nutriextra Replenishing Nourishing Body Cream is one of the best body products I have ever used. Although created for dry to very dry skin, I think any type of skin can benefit from the full comfort it offers. Its thick generous texture is immediately absorbed into pores, giving your skin a natural feel and a healthy look.


Amway Body Series Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion is a light and easily absorbed, pH-balanced skin care product with oatmeal protein for nutrition. It also provides deep hydration, UVA/UVB SPF 8, and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Summer 2016 Body Care – Hydration

Hammam El Hana Argan Therapy Body Splash is a real treat for a queen. It contains Moroccan argan oil and Arabian Oud essence, from a rare resin with aphrodisiac qualities, one of the most expensive and finest natural scents. It moisturizes, rejuvenates, and refreshes skin, at the same time enveloping you in antique aromas of Arabian summers. I bought a spray bottle last spring at one of Auchan Supermarkets in Bucharest, Romania.

My tray of body splash summer 2016

Yves Rocher Botanical Care Mist feels like a soft invigorating drizzle on your skin, leaving it deeply hydrated, even, and revitalized.

I simply adore natural rose water. It is my all time star for skin moisture and freshness. I spray it lavishly on my body before and after applying creams or lotions, to capture their active ingredients and seal them into pores. Especially in summertime, I keep a spray bottle at hand to pamper my skin with the whole array of benefits coming from rose petals. A fine summer rain of wellness, so purifying and soothing of the senses. My star product is Naturalis Natural Rose Water (Naturalis Apa Naturala de Trandafiri).

My STAR of body care stars this summer is Yves Rocher Dry Body Oil, for both hair and body, with genuine Monoï oil. Monoï (“scented oil” in Tahitian) is an infused oil made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil. Its deliciously sensual texture and scent melt naturally into your skin, giving it renewed youth and shine, from within. From my own experience, the moisture and the exotic perfume last for hours, and you simply feel more than lovable. You feel loved.

Summer 2016 Body Care – Protection

Give yourself over to air, sunshine, and plentiful water this summer, but remember that you are human and subject to aging. Sun protection is a must if you want to keep healthy and extend the youthful aspect of your skin.

My basket of body sun protection is little. Although it contains one sole item, it beats all the others of its kind, in my opinion. It has been my star for some years now. It is Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50+, Cellular Bioprotection, it comes in a spray bottle of 200 ml, and provides very high protection for sensitive skin. In addition, it is paraben-free, fragrance-free, water resistant, and has an invisible texture. The product description is so true to its performance that any other words would be superfluous. I use it daily on the exposed parts of my body and I feel extremely comfortable and safe with it at the beach. Due to its light texture and all the other properties, I use it on my face, as well. Even though hydration is not specified, my skin feels moisturized and perfectly at ease, without any trace of oil.


Well, there is one other product, which I keep in my purse wherever I go. It is again Bioderma, Photoderm Mineral SPF 50+, Fluid Very High Protection. It has the same properties, plus it has been designed for skin allergic to chemical filters. I usually apply it on my hands and on my lips, as it has a very thick texture and leaves a nice matte nude layer which beats any summer lip balm or lipstick. Even when I put on lipstick, this cream provides a wonderful base, protective and summer-like.

Summer 2016 Body Care – Bonus

The Expert Firming Yves Rocher Bust Lift was exactly a bonus offered to me by Yves Rocher Romania, with one of my orders. But it is a bonus for my body’s beauty as well. I had never believed in this kind of products until I tried on this one. It works! The firming power comes from Madagascar Centella asiatica. And it is true, this soft milky serum really leaves a satiny veil on my skin.

With my summer 2016 body care basket I feel young, beautiful, and protected. Do I need to add that I feel self-confident and loved? And I have a basket full of love to share with you.

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