Sleep-Set Your Body for Slimming

Sleep-Set Your Body for Slimming

Sleep-set your body! To be truthful, sleep can set your body for a good life in general. For health, good looks, happy relationships, physical and social performance, you name it. But this time we are going to concentrate on the close relationship between sleep and the fat-free shape of your body. Sounds interesting? Quite so, healthy sleep can keep ugly flab away. And if you have some, you most likely would want to carve it off through a process of slimming.

Slimming is a complex transformation of your body. And as with any such makeover, you should keep an eye on the utmost indicator of top health, which is wellness. Well, healthy slimming comes in a package with several changes. I should say an overall change of your lifestyle.


Do Not Walk Away with a Pill-Meal-Drill

Although there are many fast slimming solutions out there, I wouldn’t advise you to try them on. Why? Because you’ll try them all. And this is for the simple reason that they usually have short-lived effects. I would call them solutions of the ‘slim & go’ type. They give you the pill-meal-drill and that’s that. You walk away full with a new passion, for a new fashion.

Slim Smart & Become Next Woman

Healthy slimming implies pre-work, hard work, and post-work. Also, it should be followed by life-long healthy routines. It is a life changing process, which would be better included in a program. Slim smart, and you will become a new you, Next Woman. That is why I have named my program Next Woman Slim Smart.

Set Your Body for Slimming

I have already told you how to slim with a heart. Now it’s the body we have to focus on. It has to be prepared for the slimming attack.

Apart from love, acceptance, and patience give your body enough sleep, water, discipline, and the right nutrients. Also, make sure you keep the right balance of its internal pH. For permanent results, keep doing this all your life. Not only slimness, but also better health, beauty and self-confidence will set in to stay.


The Sleep-Set

Sleep is the best prophylactic against disease and aging. Nothing beats sleep when it comes to maintaining your general good health and vitality. It is also the most effective of all complementary remedies. For these simple reasons enough quality sleep should assist you throughout the transformational slimming process: pre-, while-, and post-. No matter how miraculously resilient and self-regenerative they may be, you cannot force poorly slept mind and body into slimming. But there are other reasons why sleep relates organically with the slimming makeover.

Sleep-set your Appetite

First of all, deprivation of sleep interferes with the hormones which regulate your appetite and metabolism. Their erratic behavior will result in stronger cravings for food in general, especially for carbohydrates. What you feel is a need to find compensation in foods that give you instant pleasure and satisfaction. These are the so-called comfort foods, calorie bombs which contain wheat and sugars. Think a little: wise what do you usually react at the end of a night-long party? You react food-wise. And you do so on an impulse. This impulse is none other than the voice of your disturbed hormones.

Sleep-set Sugar Levels

Also, it has been scientifically proven that there is a strong connection between poor sleep and higher levels of insulin. This hormone dictates how much sugar your cells should get for energy. Increased levels of insulin will cause your cells to absorb more sugar than they need. The excess accumulates as fat. And fat is exactly what you want to get rid of through a slimming process. In conclusion, sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain in its ugliest form: flabbiness. To say nothing of the risk of developing two frightful conditions: type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Sleep-set your Growth

Now, be prepared for further interesting news. Your body releases a hormone that can help the entire organism to function at its full potential, with renewed forces. It keeps you growing at a cellular level, against the menacing tide of aging. That is why it has been named the growth hormone.

Growth is about energy, movement, and stamina. Slim-wise, this amazing hormone does a great job at building muscle and burning fat. Sleep-wise, the good news is that healthy sleep is growth hormone friendly. Enough quality sleep on a nightly basis is one of the ways to stimulate its release and allow it to perform wonders on you.


Healthy Growth versus Desperate Survival

Remember also that if you deprive yourself of sleep, your body is wise enough to switch to survival mode. Don’t you feel terrible when you are sleepless? It is a state of stress, which causes increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. With some people sleeplessness manifests itself just like a disease. Your whole system senses that and rushes to help by slowing down metabolism to maintain its resources. And it will stop at nothing to persuade you to give it more fuel. Not only will the fat deposits stay, but the internal cry for appeasing serotonin will also make you finally give in. To food, sweet food.

Go for sweet sleep instead. It allows for steady healthy growth, as opposed to desperate survival actions. Erratic hormonal behavior is what you want least while in a process of body transformation.


In conclusion, make sure you solve any sleep disorders you might have before embarking on a slimming program. You cannot get the slim body you dream of unless you treat it to sweet sleep. And remember, healthy sleep is an intrinsic part of your program.

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