A Simple Way to Eat Healthily, Without Bothering About Diets – Apply LOVE

A Simple Way to Eat Healthily, Without Bothering About Diets – Apply LOVE

Dear Next Woman,

One way to avoid stress is to concentrate on one thing at a time. Thus you apply the principle of LOVE to everything you do. When you focus, LOVE, which you are made of and is your innate power, will naturally and automatically do the work for you. Love is the key that opens the door to your innermost assets – powers, insight, and talents you may not even be aware of. It is as simple as that.

Portrait of a happy attractive young woman eats vegetable salad

For example, when you eat something, focus on the piece of food you receive in your mouth, on its conglomerate of tastes and aromas, how they indulge your taste buds and all your senses, and trace this food’s way through your body – esophagus, stomach, liver and all, imagining how the nutrients will eventually feed each and every cell of your system, giving them energy to thrive. Trace the ingredients back to their origins, imagine their growth, how they were processed and mixed together before reaching your plate. Feel love for the rich soil, the sun, and the water, the hands and minds of the people who contributed to that food’s completion and transportation up to your table, right there in front of you. A piece of food is the fruit of creation, a symbol of earth, heaven, and man united in LOVE.


Not only will this process clear your mind of anything else, offering you a welcomed respite, but it will enable easy and successful assimilation at the level of your body’s each cell. Ingesting food becomes meaningful, as though you were performing a ritual to sustain and improve your health and growth. Yes, not only babies, children, or adolescents grow. Think of yourself as being in a continuous process of growing, growing better, healthier, and younger. This, in turn, will make you mind what you eat. By exercising this, you will get to make the best food choices, without imposing any constraints and diets on your mind and body. With time, it will come naturally to you.

Therefore LOVE is not just a concept, a feeling, or a mystery. Love is a tool in your personal kit, which you should apply for practical purposes every minute of your life. Use it, Next Woman, and you can start from eating with LOVE.

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