Improve Sleep through Tapping

Improve Sleep through Tapping

To improve sleep is the best action you can take if you feel a little reluctant to wake up in the morning and resume your daily routine. It is true, routine should also be subject to some change, but we’ll talk about that some other time. Lack of energy or even sleepiness in the daytime, difficulty of concentration, an uneven, dehydrated complexion with dull, irritated skin are a few other signs you need to improve sleep.

Improve Sleep to Live Better & Longer

Scientific studies are getting nearer and nearer to a truth you have probably already discovered by yourself: quality sleep enhances general health, social and work attitude, communication skills, and looks. I have definitely felt that on my own skin, so to speak. Therefore do your best to improve sleep quality for better health, for social and personal success, and to live longer.

I have always held the opinion that sleep is the best prophylactic measure against any disease, the best complementary cure for any condition, the no. 1 youth factor, the no. 1 success activator, and the no. 1 beauty enhancer.


Improve Sleep through Tapping

That is why, when I discovered tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), I was first interested in applying it to fix sleep disorders and improve the quality of sleep. It is an emotional freedom relaxation and wellness technique, and also an alternative and complementary healing technique. In previous articles I explained how tapping works and why it is so effective.

First of all, tapping can be successfully used to fix sleep disorders because it resorts to the earliest part of our brain, the amygdalae, the center of the so-called ‘fight-or-flight’ response, and also our brain’s repository of memories of past emotions. This method works hand in hand with mantras, visualization, and deep breathing. Through tapping and deep breaths the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated and the ‘fight-or-flight’ responses are blocked. This calms the mind and relaxes the muscles, the cardiac one included. Sleep mode will soon take over.

Through tapping you reach beyond the pain or whatever aspect that needs improvement. You directly operate on its source, and therefore annihilate the cause. In fact this is the best and only long-lasting solution to any problem.

Tapping Worked on Me to Improve Sleep

The person I started with was myself. I was passing through a period when each night I had a hard time falling asleep. Well, it was right then that I discovered tapping. As they say, everything happens for a reason. I first applied a tapping process for falling asleep easily and it worked. It felt like a miracle in the beginning, but then I got used to the almost instantaneous results of this technique.

I have ever since studied tapping and created my own processes, trying to adapt the sequences of taps and words to certain types of people, and to some specific needs and purposes. So far, I have basically concentrated on issues related to stress, sleep, self-knowledge and self-confidence. I taught the people I helped through tapping how to apply the processes themselves.

Truth is, people tend to forget to help themselves when they are left on their own. But I am sure you will apply my first tapping gift for you whenever you need it. It is going to be a tapping process to improve sleep.

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