Discover How You Can Be the Young, Magnetic Next Woman – A Ride in Youth

Discover How You Can Be the Young, Magnetic Next Woman – A Ride in Youth

No one wishes to die young. And no one wishes to die old either. In truth, no one wishes to ever die. But we all know we do leave our carcasses eventually. This is a fact. What happens right then, or afterwards, nobody knows for sure. It is all over with facts. And wishes, as a matter of fact.

What stands clear is the two-sided wishing business, the only one we can stick to. Apparently, it contains a paradox: neither young, nor old, when it comes to dying. While we can laugh off the former as superfluous, as who the heck wishes to die young, there are some tidbits for thought as to how on earth can we come to terms with not dying old either. If we all have to die anyway, and if we do not die young, how can we logically accept our not dying old?

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Well, we can. There is always a way. There is definitely a solution to anything in this world, while we are here, still here. I have worked it out for myself, and in spite of days and years flying away, I live through them, my days and years, with this unabated conviction and belief in my solution. No matter what others say, and no matter what they might see when they look at me, the same young, life-loving woman smiles back at me when I look in the mirror. But I do not have to look at myself in the mirror, I just feel I am the same child self I have always known. If I think better, the need to study my own image has decreased considerably with time. I gather it must be thanks to self-confidence, which only comes with a bulgy baggage of life experience.woman-looking-in-mirror2

Yes, I know, I have been around for quite a while now, and people like that get wise, do they not, finally wise, and they finally come to grasp the reason why they have been born in this world in the first place. They had better do that. The earlier, the better. When you know, or at least you think you do, you stop wasting time searching for it, your purpose in life, and you get down to acting. Searching is not bad in itself, as the truth is it never stops, but the illusion that you have found that purpose can help you restart yourself and your life, at a next level. I see it as a kind of catalyst, an activator of the next you.

Each and every level of you is both achievement and foundation. It comprises all the you’s you have been, on the one hand, some kind of whole you have been working and chiseling at, therefore an achievement, an end product, and lays the foundation for the next you, on the other hand. A better you, please. Each level of you is important, so you should know yourself, trust yourself, and honor yourself at any moment. You should accept any level of you as a phase on your way to improvement, aware that nothing that you have ever been is wasted or lost, on the contrary, it stays your asset, it is part of your accruing treasure. Think of yourself as of an object of art you have, you are, and will always polish to perfection. There is no such thing as perfection, agreed, but aspiring to it, and constantly doing something to get there, means living with a purpose. It is difficult to avoid cliches, but it is true, it is not the end point that matters. While we are here, it is not the moment of the great passing over that matters, but the ride. And you cannot enjoy the ride in the company of others if you do not, first and foremost, enjoy the company of yourself.


Now, tell me, when do you enjoy the company of another person? Is it not when you feel you know them, when you can empathize with them, when you trust them and feel at ease in their presence? Will you please start with yourself? Deep love and understanding toward yourself, no matter the level, will bring about confidence, which is an incredible source of power. Love yourself, and you will love the world. Love the world, and you will conquer it. Love is the most powerful weapon, so to speak. And here is the trick: it is the only weapon which transcends this world. Prepare it for the big crossing over, it will give you the power to accept even that. Ride your journey in love, and no matter how old you die, you will die young.

Big words, wishful thinking, saccharine stuff, you might judge, giving me a raised eyebrow. Yes, I may have been carried away by the me I am at this stage in my life, when I find love as being an answer to anything. But when I implied, at the beginning of this post, that one can die very old and yet young, what I really meant was something more practical. It can be done in a pure, factual way. You can extend your youthful energy, mind, and looks, your love for life, if you want. First, you have to know, accept, and love yourself. Then you have to show yourself that you do so, by taking action. Love is also about doing.


What you can do is start with some internal work. Sometimes it is rather difficult to accept anything you do or everything you are, so you need to put in some effort to change that. Then, reaching acceptance is not enough. Thankful for what you are, what you have, or what you have achieved, you should go on to do correction work, to improve some aspects you are not happy with, to polish things up a bit, or better whatever needs upgrading, or shift for a big change, why not. It is said that once you reach the top it is more difficult to stay there. Well, I say: never stay there. There is always a better you, you are an infinity of better and better you’s, you are as infinite as the universe. I have always liked this way of putting things in English: look your best, do your best, act your best, best, best, best. It is so wonderfully encouraging, and so appeasingly gentle on people and comforting, at the same time. You know you can do it, so you go for it, without the stressful thought that there could be any better variant outside your reach. Yet, you should take your best for what it is in one specific moment, on one particular occasion or circumstance. There are so many things you can learn how to do in order to be in accord with yourself, to love yourself truly. Anything is doable. In my next posts I am going to tell you what I do. If it works for me, it can work for you, too.

Everybody knows what keeps us here, our body. If you want to live long and well, never neglect it. Even if you are the intellectual kind, or the spiritual kind, how can you reach your goals or live a fulfilling life, if you do not take good care of your body? Shall I tell you about training your heart to be strong and tactful, or about bones and joints, do you want to hear skin stories, blood stories? Maybe not. Facts about each and every organ of our body are everywhere, facts about the way they function, about their malfunctions, loads of advice and tips on how to take care of them, or prevent and cure disease. I do not think I am in a position to do that, let the specialists do it. What I will do, though, is tell you about my relationship with my body, what I do to keep it young and shapely. Yes, any body can be shaped and kept agile and flexible, this is possible. It is all about trust and love, about praising its qualities and own power of regeneration. Take it as a kind of growing younger concept, and process.


With love of yourself and your own body, you are sure to be magnetic. With confidence in what you are and what you look like, you are more likely to step up on some kind of built-in pedestal, which no one can take from you, as it is yours, and address the world. Will they listen to you? It depends. Do you have something new to say to them? Hardly possible, when almost everything has been said. But maybe you have a way, your own way, to share with them. Anyway, from that pedestal you are more visible. Open your mouth and talk to them, it is worth a try. Please do not be harsh on yourself if nobody listens, just keep improving yourself, or go for that big shift I mentioned before, reinvent yourself – yes, another cliche. You may have not found yourself yet, your real self. Or maybe you do not have a voice. You can work on that, too. An elocution specialist could help you.


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